PVE content for gankers

As gankers will always cry a river of tears for any game re-balance who can make travel safer in high sec (freighter wrecks “re-balance” fall in other criteria), i will just take this awesome idea from general discussions forum, and suggest here as a mean to provide new type of content and reduce the need to target real people:

Circumstantial Evidence:
“This should be in the “terrible ideas” thread: new NPC freighters loaded with billions of good loot (not from players, since I guess there aren’t any left) start travelling the trade routes. When the bumping or shooting starts, the NPC would post in local various pleadings and tears culled at random from years of examples stored in CCP’s tear database. This would give hunters, wolves, gankers an infusion of new content, and they’d still lose all their ships to CONCORD.”

They’ve already added this:


You can gank their miners and their haulers and take their stuff.

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You missed the most important feature of this new content, aka genuine looking and tasting tears: “When the bumping or shooting starts, the NPC would post in local various pleadings and tears culled at random from years of examples stored in CCP’s tear database” :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Well, nice try but you still failed.

Features & Ideas is the right forum section for it. Here in Crime & Punishment will you only get flogged for it.

This is all constructive reply you can come up with?
Here are a lot of “gankers” threads, so this can be a constructive solution to all that complains.

Why the everlasting ■■■■ would I wanna shoot ■■■■■■■ npcs??


It would have been more constructive had you posted it into the right forum section. You could say Crime & Punishment is at the heart of EVE’s PvP, and you’ve posted a thread on PvE into it.

You can always ask an ISD to move it for you. Just don’t expect it’s going to be a good thread when you post it into the wrong parts. Use an ISD’s name with a @ infront to get their attention and ask for a move before it’s too late.

Ya man, he’s right. Even the ISD recognize this place as what it is and these kind’a responses are to be expected. Gotta say though that he’d prolly had responded in the same way anywhere else. Ya ain’t gonna get many constructive replies about this topic in here. That’s also why my reply above is the way it is. We’re in C&P. Would’ve used one less ■■■■■■■ if it’d been over in F&I.

What is the difference neither shoots back you still have no risk and are getting tears perfect for the ganking cockroaches for all you know you were shooting macro Chinese for last 3 years

Why so personal now? I ain’t appreciating the subtle aggression in your post, mate. Why’d ya guys always expose yaselves as haters so early on? Can’t you wait ‘till at least 20 posts or somethin’? Now ya’rr just gettin’ ya thread locked 'cause you’re an asshole. Nice work. Well done.

Edit your fuckin’ post, mate, then I’ll edit mine and we can carry on.

I didn’t think of my response as destructive. It’s really only helpful to point out where the appropriate forum sections are. But if OP really still needs to make the experience of what will happen to his thread here in C&P, then he’s on the right path already.

The topic itself is pretty vague. It doesn’t define what gankers are and what kind of PvE content it should be. One can take a Marauder into an L4 mission and “gank” it. And if it has to be with fleets than any of the larger Incursion groups can show you how to shred through Incursions. So, really, OP just fails on several levels in making his thread.

I know ya’rr just trollin’ and I kind’a wanna (t)roll with it, but this 's way too sjw for me to join in.

I’m not trolling. I mean what I say. I’d say you’re just full of :poop:.

Now ya’rr just tryin’ too hard.

Why not, though? Gankers consider freighter pilots as subhuman and NPC like anyways. :man_shrugging: Considering the common narrative from gankers, you would not notice a difference in behavior between players and these NPC either because both behave like ungrateful whiners, which is also a common description of freighter pilots and gank targets in general.

Hence, I don’t get your point.

Nothing personal just consider gankers and wardec abusers pretty much the lowest forms of eve players that’s all.

I get the point. i really do. Mine’s as simple: We won’t give a ■■■■. I ain’t sayin’ that my personal reasons would be the same as every other gankers, but i can assure you that the outcome’s the same nevertheless. Personally i don’t shoot freighters 'cause i find it boring, but to each their own and all that disclaimer stuff.

Shootin’ software is boring. Even if they slapped the best possible AI into it, the AI ain’t gonna learn how to beat me during the session. The actual learnin’ part is pretty hard on performance. So like in every other fuckin’ game I’d eventually figure out the flaws in the behavioural patterns of the bot and exploit them to the best of my abilities.

A human being always has the chance of reacting to me in a way that beats me, while a bot simply can’t. If they’d put the smartest possible bot in the game I’d still outsmart it eventually, ‘cause this ain’t Go and CCP ain’t Google. Shootin’ bots is fuckin’ boring.

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Gankers don’t want targets to learn, otherwise they’d lose their prey. That’s most evident as every time someone learns gankers start to resort to the most colorful language to create a truly enjoyable EVE experience. :smiley: Hence, you can also just shoot at software and throw more of your colorful vocabulary at it, while it will throw colorful vocabulary at you. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Ya guys truly are asshats not unequal to those you talk about every single ■■■■■■■ day.

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Then some well done AI, able to display real like emotion, genuine suffering and convincing sorrow, will not make a pleasurable experience? Just think at it like some kind of “Westworld” environment, were AI “hosts” will display real like pain and distress, providing you with all the desired tears, and of course with no real life consequences.
Also this addition will be a very good way to see how people truly are, deep inside… Nevermind, scrap last sentence, that feature is already implemented.