Thread for Tears

They will end up in Aiko’s pocket one form or another just as Maggie did. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiling_imp:


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Can I have one? Mine just blew up.

You must earn my salty tears here kitty.

I don’t want your tears, I just want your fish.

That’s right! - said in Sargon”s voice…

/which reminds me to ask, will you be our waitress on the evening of the 26th? @Destiny_Corrupted ?
The locator agent last night suggested that you are already there setting up!

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Great you too can help serve seeing you are in the same location as DC

Careful what you wish for

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Yes, that is because I am in debt with Aiko forever.

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… has added you as a contact with Terrible Standing.

What did Frostpacker even do that was so bad?

Impudence training is mandatory.

How about this compromise then?

Let’s not do that and say that we did!

I’m sorry, attitude adjustment is a requisition provision of your parole.

I accept your apology as you’re our highsec princess and parole officer.

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