Grief and salt

I have an idea , it came why i was thinking how useless mining permits are .

In Uedama the other day with a gank fleet killing everything they could but it was all very subdued in local. Not the same , now if we had an exemption permit in bio saying we are not an over sensitive pilot and are happy with ingame salt.

I don’t care what I’m called as long as it stays in game, only takes a quick look to see if your enemies are game for the same.?

Im sure someone could come up with a salt collection and distribution permit.

It’s called a Mining Permit.

You’re welcome o/

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Trash talk in local is what creates EVE’s masterpieces.

EVE trash talk is an instiution by itself and needs to be preserved and be forever remembered.

I am only against when those are brought outside EVE into other people’s real lives and other plataforms that aren’t EVE specialized (as it is this forum) and against persistent stomping outside EVE. The occasional trash talk itself in local is nice and makes everybody smile.


It is preserved on @Aiko_Danuja 's blog, at least the good bits.
If anyone needs a good laugh and hasn’t gone over to that blog, I highly recommend it. It’s sure to cure your depression.



On the scale of useless threads, this is right up there.

This is effectively asking to bypass the EULA and inviting things to get out of hand.

Just stay classy. There’s nothing wrong with doing that while still encouraging banter in local if you find it boring.

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I was mining on a belt just 2 nights ago and just waiting but it didn’t happen.

Of course it is. The terms of the EULA apply to activities in game (or on any CCP owned platform) even more than they do on other platforms.

CCP doesn’t apply black and white policing of activities in game compared to the EULA, but the EULA itself is pretty clear on what is allowed and what isn’t.

Doesn’t make everyone smile. Just makes me cringe. I also cringe at ‘edgy’ pilot names that are clearly quite seriously supposed to sound ‘dangerous’ and people that say “you should do your research and find out who I am” in any situation.

That blog reminds me of when my kids come home from school and tell me all the “cool” things that happen. You smile and not but ultimately think, “was I this cringeworthy at that age?”

You cringe at your kids… smh

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I do, kids say stupid stuff.

So yeah, you do use manners when you dont mean it.


Smiling at your child and encouraging them is not the same as manners. It’s something you do almost out of instinct and to encourage them to be outgoing and engage with the world.

Doesn’t mean that everything they actually do is funny, interesting etc. it just means it’s your job to keep encouraging them to do so.

Interesting that you chose to use GF here like you are some how trying to ‘win’ a conversation. Are you a forum warrior?

Even though you disagree with what they did your said? You have a very odd idea of what manners are.

Yes, being nice to someone to keep them happy. Its one of the functions of being polite.

Im whatever you describe yourself as. As neither of us can fight worth a damn in spaceships.

Maybe some day you will understand that you can concede an argument and be respected for it.

I’m not interested in conceding an argument or winning an argument. Someone says something to me and I tend to respond if it interests me to do so.

Interesting that you assume my motivations are the same as yours here.

I don’t know if you have children but you don’t encourage them out of ‘politeness’ and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to explain this to you or even certain if you had children you would be raising them out of the same foundations. I shouldn’t generalise, there are lots of ways to raise children after all even if some of them are a little odd.

Your posting history suggests otherwise. When faced with incontravertable fact, you just change the subject.

Is it? I thought everyone’s motivations were the same on the forums. What are the differences between ours then?

The amount of tiumes Ive heard parents say “Thats nice dear” and not actualy even pay attention to whats been said is basic enough proof that you are incorrect with that assessment.

SO when you think something is cringeworthy but you smile, why is that deceit “encouragement” but saying “please” and “thank you” to someone you dont like or know is unacceptable? Just because they are your children? Thats a pretty myopic view.

I thought Id already said Good Day Sir on this topic, but I suppose Ill do it again.

Good Day Sir, I hope you have a lovely afternoon.

Your interpretation of my posting history is probably as off as your interpretation of my motives.

If you really want to know my motives and why I am here the answer is procrastination. I’ve got a lot of drudge work to do and I’m putting it off and answering posts on the forum directed to me.

And some people raise their kids with the tv as I said not everyone raises their kids in a way that says they give a ■■■■ about them. Yes my kids say things that make me cringe, but if it’s making me cringe that has more to do with me wondering if I sounded like that when I was a kid and wether my parents thought I sounded so daft. They are kids they are saying things that interest them, that they find funny. My cringing is not a judgement of them.

It’s all very well saying good day but it’s rather passive aggressive to make comments that someone might want to respond to and then say good day like that somehow forbids them from responding. If you really wanted to end the conversation you would just stop responding… see if you can get it right this time.

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Dude Im literally reading what you are writing. At no point do you actual discuss anything, its just constant arguing.

So yeah, the same as pretty much everyone else.

Thats exactly what it is. But yeah I forgot, you literally cannot ever do something wrong. You are perfect in every way and above all forms of criticism. Yet you cant deal with it so much you have to argue with me in two seperate threads about the same thing.

What are you on about? In what way does saying Good Day forbid you from responding, as it clearly hasnt. I guess its just winding you up or something. I thought you didnt believe in manners.

That was rather cool to say that take a +1 for that level of honesty, something rather refreshing for this forum.