Grief and salt

“I thought I’d already said good day”

No of course that wasn’t an admonishment of me continuing to respond after you’d said good day.

You say that I can’t admit to doing anything wrong. Well clearly you haven’t read my post history. I’ve admitted to:
being crap at pvp,
Ganking for profit and mining in the past both of which I now consider low effort
Miss understanding someone’s meaning when they posted,
Hiding who I am to protect my main which is both paranoid and disengenuine,
Procrastinating at work and being lazy,
I’ll also admit now I’m bad at spelling even with a forum spell checker

You can try and tell me what my motives are for my interactions with my children are all day and every day but here is the thing, you are not me and are not the subject matter expert on my motivations.

You can also try and diminish my points as just being argumentative while you also converse with me across two threads. I would put it to you that to argumue with someone there needs to be a few key ingredients, the desire to either change someone’s point of view or understand their point of view, and emotion. I’m not emotionally invested in this, it’s just a conversation, on a forum, very low stakes, very low effort. I can’t even be bothered to learn basic functionality like your quotes or gifs.

Seems to have really got at you. Ill stop saying good day, as its now afternoon this side of the planet.

Really? What about

I didnt, again that was you. I simply said it was decietful to smile when you are thinking “what cringe”. Its ok, all parents lie to their children, its for their own good.

Defending your point with an argument is perfectly fine, you keep making wierd emotive judgements on factual statements. Im happy to argue with you all day if you want, Id just rather have a discussion than a fight. Oh sorry I meant arguement, because its not a fight unless its combat, or something. I forget how that one went down.

But yeah, just because you prefer arguing to discussing doesnt mean thatyou arent allowed to defend a point you strongly believe in. But that goes for what others say as well, and when you make a point that theres no point using manners to people you dont know or like, then others may disagree and you should accept that.

I disagree, but I accept the premise. and so…

I mean you are literally arguing with me now, so does it require emotional input or not?

So what is it you are wanting to change if you cant actually be bothered putting in any effort?


You think this is an argument and I’m just responding to your points. In this we differ. As you said we both disagree on what an argument is.

Im also not defending a point, I’m responding to where you are making accusations of me based on your perceptions of what I’ve said. The point that I find something disingenuous and you don’t I have been clear many times over that I understand we differ on that and it’s ok. You seem to try and make things a personal attack on my character though, talking about me having no friends or not knowing anyone or however you put it.

The good day comment didn’t get to me, I was just challenging the idea that it somehow closed the conversation because you keep responding and in a way that bears further response.

You also seem very keen to attribute emotion to what I’m saying. I’ll refer you back to the part where I point out you are not the subject matter expert on my motives and clarify that by extension that is also my emotions.

Did you say it’s deceitful to smile or did you say I was smiling out of politeness. Don’t need to respond unless you want to, that question was rhetorical. Yes the smile of encouragement you give your children could be considered deceitful if that is the way your head works. That’s not really what the smile is about though, you aren’t smiling to tell them they are funny, you aren’t smiling to tell them they are interesting, you are smiling to say, keep doing what you are doing, because you genuinely enjoy that they are being out going and exploring the world and figuring out who they are. Especially in my case as I have quite a bit of social anxiety and am on the spectrum of neurodiversity. So to see them being so outgoing genuinely makes me smile and I want to encourage that… even if the things they say make me cringe inwardly.

I think we have already covered all the points needed in the other thread. No need to continue this one here.



It was getting a little confusing going back and forth between two threads!

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Do you have yours ?

is the art of talking tough in a station after running away like a little girl. Counter trash talk is the art of coaxing the trash talking chicken out of the station.

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The bad guys are the police

Exactly, and they have the best toys to rob


I don’t think anyone can argue with a bit of python.

All the scambaiters in youtube - especially the ones that delete stuff in the scammers’ computers - actually put this into practice.


Good bunch of lads

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Naughty, Naughty

Safety, Alliance must be into PVE

Caught lacking miner


2622 damage oof, it must have been 1 shot and standing still.

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I guess he didn’t have a permit to fly a triglavian vessel. :smirk: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:


Or its illegal to fly anything other than a catalyst and the penalty is getting fragged.

Suspect baiting a marauder is bad idea these days…


Must of been an unpaid parking fine at the stargate.

Or perhaps that pilot was caught :rage:RED handed! :joy:

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Funny i was asked that the other day :hugs:

And as for the loss of the ship lololol, silly ganker