BjornBee salt

Server dc’d.
His fleet got disbanded.
When he came back some people decided to shoot him and those coming back.
He got so mad that someone had the nerve to shoot him in lowsec.
So mad he started banning people from his chat.
Then he said he was gonna log out.
What a punk move.
He actually thought there was honor in Eve.
The salt was aplenty.

Update…man the salt.
Swearing at people, going on a rant.
Still going on about it.
Taking his toys and going home.
So funny and sad. So much for his elite pvp.


Still a dick move in my eyes…it’s like killing people at a respawn point the second they respawn.
In other games this is a ban reason…here it’s a normal day for people without honor…

This is Eve, its history is written on dick moves.
Do you understand the game you are playing.


He doesn’t.

Still not right regardless in which way you try to explain or defend it…

Yeah…I’M the problem here…not the dicks moving…:slight_smile:

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He is still going on about it…its so funny.

And you are impressed about it? WOW…

You wont last long in this game sad to say. There are many more of those dick moves happening daily. Good luck.

I’m 15 years in dude…if you would be 1 year in you would know it…

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If you say so, but based on your response I doubt it. Much worse has happened and will happen again.


That’s the problem this game has…
And this is the reason it’s losing players rapidly…

well you can accept that dick moves can happen and deal with it, while at the same time raging when it DOES happen.

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