The Salt...Part 2

Server dc’d.
His fleet got disbanded.
When he came back some people decided to shoot him and those coming back.
He got so mad that someone had the nerve to shoot him in lowsec.
So mad he started banning people from his chat.
Then he said he was gonna log out.
What a punk move.
He actually thought there was honor in Eve.
The salt was aplenty.

Update…man the salt.
Swearing at people, going on a rant.
Still going on about it.
Taking his toys and going home.
So funny and sad. So much for his elite pvp.

And then CCP came in to close the thread, hmmm…wonder why. Maybe because Bjorn is in the clique.


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Time to use those newly acquired ISD powers.


Because this thread is not constructive. MAYBE it could work in Crime and Punishment but that’s probably still pushing it.

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5. Re-opening locked topics is prohibited.

Recreating or re-opening a thread that has been closed by a moderator is prohibited. Threads that have been closed by a moderator have been closed for the benefit of the community. Re-opening a locked thread will result in its removal.

Don’t push it. First warning.