Thread Locked For Violating Bumping Rule in Character Bazaar

@ISD_Bahamut locked my thread in the character bazaar for violating the bumping rule and then copy pasta’d the bumping rule:
“Bumping is allowed only by the character who started the thread once per calendar day. Friendly or multiple bumps per day are not permitted.”

Except I didn’t bump it multiple times per calendar day. The original post was on the 24th and the bump was on the 25th.

If the intention of the bumping policy is to avoid bumps within 24 hours of each other, then the policy should be reworded. Either way, my thread was locked improperly.

This isn’t the place to bring this to the community team’s attention. You should:

  1. Email to share your grievance (suggest ISD Bahamut is being overly aggressive, ask for the thread to be unlocked)
  2. Flag your post for moderation asking for it to be unlocked since the character is still up for sale
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Thanks. I couldn’t find a button to click to flag for moderation. That was my initial thought.


I agree that ISD Bahamut has a reputation for being overly strict when it comes to the 24 hour rule whereas other ISDs (including Barstorlode and other many-year veterans) are more flexible. Ideally he’d be told to ease up and only go tough on repeat offenders and gross violations, but the safest thing to do is to go over 24 rather than under 24 hours. If it makes you feel better, they’re equally strict on Reddit when it comes to their once-a-week bumps. If you repeatedly bump one hair under 7 days you’re flagged for banning.


Hello! I’ve reviewed it and reopened the thread for you. Please keep it to one bump a day, and over 24 hours if you’re worried. That said, since the issue has been resolved, I’m going to close it now.

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