Thukker worldships as mobile stations

To add more flavour to the Great Wildlands region and the Thukker Tribe, it would be neat if their nomadic nature could actually have a cool and unique effect in-game. As the lore goes, they mostly live on ships in order to do as their ancestors did. But in space.

In the initial release of the game, a model for a Thukker worldship/colony ship/Iapetan Titan was present. I think it would be neat to bring that back (with an updated model ofc).

It wouldn’t be a player ship or even a NPC ship, but a station and would function like any other station. The only difference being, that this would “travel”. Not actually, but every downtime or every couple of downtimes it would move to a different system, or a different location within a system, or maybe both through several downtimes.

This’ll not do much aside from adding one or a few stations in the Great Wildlands region, but would make it more unique and add some flavour for it.

Interesting idea.

If the “ships” moved around to various resource fields that were extremely large grids (like the new fw battlegrounds) that might make the addition a bit more interesting. Just park your resourcing ships in the Thucker titians, and they’ll bring them around to different ore fields.

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