Thunderchild ratting is not so good

Tried out ratting in the Thunderchild. On paper it should be able to do over 2.5k dps due to it being able to hit 5 targets and do over 500 dps to each. However in practise it didn’t turn out as well as I expected, even in the rock havens. Probably could have gotten better results with better target prioritisation but a little dissapointed.

I demonstrate it here:

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Sorry, if I’m too blunt, but your video gives me the impression, you did it plain wrong.

For example you moved permanently and the rats following you spread further out, reducing the damage applied.

CCP just admit that you screwed the pooch with EDENCOM ships and give them a complete redesign, starting with the weapon system. You made Trig super OP and then EDENCOM monumentally terrible. How could you possibly get it that wrong?


They are awful. The concept is interesting and the ships (specifically the Thunderchild) are beautiful… but they just don’t work.

As for use in ratting, wormhole corps can’t touch them for fear of killing the trigger before everything else.

For PvP, the damage is horrible… especially because it can hit friendly targets, so you can’t fly drone boats with them. Also, you can mitigate the threat by putting out drones to just tank damage…

Full redesign needed.

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why would you deploy drones in what is basically an AOE damage arena?

You may also end up with killing your own tackle. RIP.

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Some ships aren’t bonuses for drones but they have small drone bays. Instead of sending these drones to do whatever, you just put them out to hopefully absorb damage from the projector.

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