Test of Thunderchild Ratting with 10x Target Buff

Tested out Thunderchild ratting here after the buffs:

Its interesting to see all the damage being outputted for a few moments, but in actuality not faster than an average pirate battleship due to npcs dispersing. Maybe I could have piloted differently?

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Go into a cage haven? ships get stuck in the rocks and can’t get away easily. Or other anoms like Forsaken Hub, Forsaken Rally Point where the NPC only spawn in one spot and not dispersed over 60km like in the gas haven that you used for testing.

You very likely also want to rat in space that is weak to EM and Kinetic. For instance, Battleships for Sansha (they have 45/65 on non-elites) and Blood Raider (they have 43/63 resists on non-elites) are a better choice than Serpentis (they have 66/46 resists on non-elites): EVEInfo / NPC Ships

But you know what killed your efficiency, too? That this weapon targets effing destructible structures.

Also, did you just implied admit that the old ratting is difficult to a degree with different tools? :scream:

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