ThunderED - Powerful EVE Online Community Management Platform based on Discord

ThunderED is a perfect EVE community management platform based on Discord as the main communication platform. It doesn’t matter how many pilots you have and what you do together, ThunderED can support almost every activity with interesting and helpful features. It is a flexible, powerful and highly customizable application already being used by many EVE groups. It’s also an open-source solution so feel free to try it and leave your feedback.

Suggestions are always welcome both in Discord or as GitHub issues.

Download it from GitHub

Reach me on Discord if you have any questions

Check FAQ about installation and settings

Note: this bot REQUIRES STANDALONE INSTALLATION on your machine or web server. It do not provide public access out of the box. In exchange, it provides rich features which others do not.


  • .NET Core powered multi-platform support (Win, Linux, Mac, etc.)
  • Standalone build with no additional software or framework requirements (Docker compatible)
  • Multiple language support (you can add your own)
  • Multiple DB support: sqlite, MySQL
  • The very own character inspection utility!
  • Web platform to manage your community
  • Effective caching logic for less network and memory load
  • Highly customizable Message templates for killmails without any source-code modifications
  • Modular design for new extensions such as templates, modules and DB support
  • Have config editor utility with validation and tooltips

Effective Corp and Alliance Management

With this bot you will gain an opportunity to:

  • Allow only authed characters into your Discord group
  • Use preliminary auth and inspect characters using special utilities
  • Receive important notifications from many alliances and corporations
  • Know when your citadels are under attack or low on fuel
  • Know when moon extraction is finished or moon chunk has been blown
  • Know when your sov space is in danger or war has been declared
  • Know when an incursion happened in your space
  • Know who joins or leaves corporations in your alliance
  • Synchronize important EVE mails with Discord
  • Synchronize your ops in FleetUp to remind them in Discord
  • Manage important structure or ops timers with in-time reminders
  • Monitor recent killmails in your space
  • Query any char or corp info including the cyno and danger probability
  • Receive pings from external messengers like Jabber, IRC, Telegram
  • Keep track of personal and corp contracts
  • Keep track of industry jobs for members and corporations
  • Manage your structures, incl. fuel and vulnerability info
  • Manage your mining ops with the info about upcoming extractions and passed mining ops (ore composition, prices, etc.)
  • Keep centralized database of moon ore compositions scanned by probes

Supported Modules

  • Web Auth - authenticate EVE characters in Discord using built-in web server, use loads of options to configure the auth process that suits you best
  • Auth Check - check users access rights and strip permissions when char leaves your corp or ally
  • Live Kill Feed - feed live EVE killmails into multiple channels with unmatched filtering capabilities including region, constellation, system radius, ISK, ships, members and other filters.
  • Notifications Feed - feed EVE notifications from different characters into multiple channels
  • Char & corp search - fetch information about characters and corps using special commands
  • Price Check - check relevant prices on item in all major trade hubs using special commands
  • Ally & Corp Stats - get KM stats for selected alliances or corporations by day, month or year
  • Timers - web UI for for important timers and events. Auto add timers for reinforced structure events as pings in Discord.
  • Mail Feeder - feed mail by labels from authenticated characters
  • Jabber relay - connect with jabbers for cross messaging support
  • IRC relay - exchange messages between IRC & Discord channels
  • Telegram relay - exchange messages between Telegram & Discord channels
  • EVE Chat relay - feed EVE ingame chat messages into Discord channel by streaming from user local apps to ThunderED server
  • Incursion notifications - know when it happens in your region or constellation!
  • Nullsec campaign - sovereignty contest campaign notifications about TCU/IHUB entosis occurs in specified regions or constellations
  • FWStats - access to !fwstats command to display information about the FW faction along with the LP farming tips
  • HR Module - web UI to inspect your members and pilots applying to join your corporation
  • SystemLogFeeder - feed critical bot logs right into the Discord channel
  • Contracts Feeder - keep track on contracts with flexible filtering capabilities
  • Sov Index Tracker - track sov index changes with just-in-time notifications
  • Web Config Editor (WIP) - edit settings using the web interface
  • Industry Jobs Feeder - feed jobs and their statuses using agile filtering system
  • Stats module - display KM based stats for selected entity with different criteria, schedule and display KM rating between several corps/alliances
  • Commands Module
    • WIP Ships command - define patterns and receive statistics about the ships/fits your members can fly
    • Define which roles your members can self-assign
  • Mining module - keep track of upcoming extractions with detailed info about or composition. Keep tracking the ops with the mining ledger with the ability to sum ore with alt characters and display approx price
  • Structures module - keep track of your structures fuel and vulnerability states
  • Moon module - centralized database for moon ore compositions based on the data uploaded from probe scan window

Build Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition (Win)
  • Docker (Linux)
  • .NET Core 3.1

There are many modules already implemented and many more to come!



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After the years of casual and somewhat lazy dev process, ThunderED has grown into something bigger than simple Discord bot. In its current state it helps manage dozens of EVE communities providing valuable automatization and agile control where it is needed the most.

It’s not perfect but as a solo dev I try to satisfy the needs of people when they request new things to be implemented or tweaks to be done. Don’t be afraid to ask, join our Discord.

Version 2.0.13 is out!

Featuring the new customizable web UI for the public parts, better ESI offline handling and dozens of smaller improvements. Check it out.

PS: You can check the new design on or in Discord (when local bot is running).

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Version 2.1.0 is up.


  • Migration to v2 auth
  • Added new Tracker block to Notifications module. It will allow to check and feed selected notifications from the whole Database.
  • Added new background worker to check and remember available ESI token scopes if missing any
  • Added CanSeeIP option for HRM groups
  • Added CanFetchToken option for HRM groups
  • Added CanEditSettings option for settings module
  • Added new button to char inspection in HRM to fetch fresh access token into clipboard (if any)
  • Added WebAuth settings to web UI
  • Added new notifications for POS: TowerAlertMsg and TowerResourceAlertMsg
  • Added no ESI connection indicator on web site
  • Removed SimpleAuth web UI. Simple auth will be deprecated once web UI settings are polished.
  • Fixed logs overwrite error
  • Fixed aux guilds handling when guild is specified but bot isn’t there yet
  • Improved web UI in several ways
  • Improved access token handling, made some code refactoring
  • Improved caching logic and handling
  • Improved security
  • Improved several notifications info with additional data
  • Improved moons module
  • Migrated all module DB interactions to EF
  • Updated project to .NET6 + VS2022
  • Updated ORM to EFCore 6


  • Improved web UI for several modules (new mining ledger is still WIP and buggy)
  • Fixed MySQL cache_data table not having unique index
  • Fixed citadel name resolve from links in notifications
  • Fixed several moon module inconsistencies
  • Fixed auto timer creation from tracker
  • Fixed DB upgrade from older versions


  • Improved database upgrade to use EF and transactions for safer updates
  • Improved notifications logging, added raw notification text to feed if unknown type has been specified in settings
  • Improved server connection detection to trigger less frequently
  • Fixed MySQL cache_data table not having unique index
  • Fixed citadels name resolution in notifications
  • Fixed unanchoring notifications
  • Fixed ChatRelay module
  • Removed debug notification from prod

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