ThunderED - Powerful EVE Online Discord Bot with HR and notifications

ThunderED is perfect Discord solution for any EVE community. It doesn’t matter what your power block is up for the ThunderED can support almost every activity with interesting and helpful features. It is a flexible, powerful and highly customizable application already being used by many EVE groups. It’s an open-source solution so feel free to try it and leave your feedback.

Suggestions are always welcome both in Discord or as GitHub issues.

Download it from GitHub

Reach me on Discord if you have any questions

Check FAQ about installation and settings

Note: this bot requires standalone installation on your machine and do not provide public access. In exchange, it provides rich features which others do not.


  • .NET Core powered multi-platform support (Win, Linux, Mac, etc.)
  • Standalone build with no additional software or framework requirements (Docker compatible)
  • 100% ESI API
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple DB support: sqlite, MySQL
  • The very own JackKnife inspection utility!
  • Web templates and rich settings
  • Effective caching logic for less network and memory load
  • Highly customizable Message templates for killmails without any source-code modifications
  • Modular design for new extensions such as templates, modules and DB support
  • Have config editor utility with validation and tooltips

Effective Corp and Alliance Management

With this bot you will gain an opportunity to:

  • Allow only authed characters into your Discord group
  • Use preliminary auth and inspect characters using JackKnife utility
  • Receive important notifications from many alliances and corporations
  • Know when your citadels are under attack or low on fuel
  • Know when moon extraction is finished or moon chunk has been blown
  • Know when your sov space is in danger or war has been declared
  • Know when an incursion happened in your space
  • Know who joins or leaves corporations in your alliance
  • Synchronize important EVE mails with Discord
  • Synchronize your ops in FleetUp to remind them in Discord
  • Manage important structure or ops timers with in-time reminders
  • Monitor recent killmails in your space
  • Query any char or corp info including the cyno and danger probability
  • Receive pings from external messengers like Jabber, IRC, Telegram
  • Keep track of personal and corp contracts
  • Keep track of industry jobs for members and corporations

Supported Modules

  • Web Auth - authenticate EVE characters in Discord using built-in web server, use JackKnife utility to inspect them before you accept them into your community
  • Auth Check - check users access rights and strip permissions when char leaves your corp or ally
  • Live Kill Feed - feed live EVE killmails into multiple channels with unmatched filtering capabilities including region, constellation, system radius, ISK, ships, members and other filters.
  • Notifications Feed - feed EVE notifications from different characters into multiple channels
  • Char & corp search - fetch information about characters and corps using special commands
  • EVE Time - get EVE Online time
  • Price Check - check relevant prices on item in all major trade hubs using special commands
  • Ally & Corp Stats - get KM stats for selected alliances or corporations by day, month or year
  • FleetUP integration - announces and reminders for FleetUp ops
  • Timers - built-in web server for important timers and events. Auto add timers for reinforced structure events!
  • Mail Feeder - feed mail by labels from authenticated characters
  • Jabber relay - connect with jabbers for cross messaging support
  • IRC relay - exchange messages between IRC & Discord channels
  • Telegram relay - exchange messages between Telegram & Discord channels
  • EVE Chat relay - feed EVE ingame chat messages into Discord channel by streaming from user local apps to ThunderED server
  • Incursion notifications - know when it happens in your region or constellation!
  • Nullsec campaign - sovereignty contest campaign notifications about TCU/IHUB entosis occurs in specified regions or constellations
  • FWStats - access to !fwstats command to display information about the FW faction along with the LP farming tips
  • HR Module - inspect your members and pilots applying to join your corporation
  • SystemLogFeeder - feed critical bot logs right into the Discord channel
  • Contracts Feeder - keep track on contracts with flexible filtering capabilities
  • Sov Index Tracker - track sov index changes with just-in-time notifications
  • Web Config Editor (WIP) - edit settings using the web interface
  • Industry Jobs Feeder - feed jobs and their statuses using agile filtering system
  • Stats module - display KM based stats for selected entity with different criteria, schedule and display KM rating between several corps/alliances
  • Commands Module
    • WIP Ships command - define patterns and receive statistics about the ships/fits your members can fly
    • Define which roles your members can self-assign

Build Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition (Win)
  • Docker (Linux)
  • .NET Core 2.2

There are many modules already implemented and many more to come!




Preview Bot with free-for-all auth is now running here:
You can test commands and check out the templates.

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Added [BETA] Timers module with the web page controls


  • Add or remove Timers
  • SSO auth featuring separate access and edit rights for alliances, corps and individual characters
  • Custom time notifications in Discord channel about upcoming timers
  • Auto add structure reinforce notifications into timers!

The module is in BETA and will be included in the next release. Had to test it for a while to make sure everything work as expected.

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ThunderED v1.0.7 Release

Built-in timers web-page is functioning. Several performance improvements.

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ThunderED v1.0.9 Release


  • Added new Mail module to feed mails according to specified labels from authenticated characters into Discord channels. The feature is currently simple but could possibly be upgraded to parse recipients and senders.
  • Improved cross-platform compatibility

In case you have an idea on how the bot could be improved or what functionality you miss here, feel free to open an issue on GitHub or ping me in Discord. I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you.

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Bugfix Release v.1.1.0

Release v1.1.1

  • Added Docker support for Linux platforms
  • Added mail filtering by sender ID and privacy
  • Fixed some issues and improved overall performance

Many thanks to people whom reported the errors and had done testing! :slight_smile:

Feature Highlight

  • IRC chat relay module - allows two-way message exchange between IRC and Discord channels. Messages from both sides can be filtered by key phrases.
  • Telegram chat relay module - allows two-way message exchange between Telegram and Discord channels. Messages from both sides can be filtered by key phrases.

Feature currently in BETA on GitHub and will be available in the next release.

Added Telegram feature highlight.

Feature Highlight

  • (BETA) EVE Chat relay - feed EVE ingame chat messages into Discord channel by streaming from user local app to ThunderED server. Due to no reliable way to provide this kind of feed treat it as a fancy addon to play with.

More information on GitHub Wiki

Release v1.1.2

  • [BETA] Added new module for IRC connection. Now you can have two-way Discord message relay with IRC.
  • [BETA] Added new module for Telegram connection. Now you can have two-way Discord message relay with Telegram.
  • [BETA] Added new module and app - EVE chat relay. One way EVE ingame chat relay into Discord channels.
  • Added regions and constellations cache
  • Fixed welcome message translation
  • Fixed double bigkill messages in reliable kill feed
  • Fixed default database file missing some required fields

Release v1.1.3 (service release)

  • Fixed fleetup notification issues
  • Fixed notifications time issue
  • Fixed SQLite query issues

Release v1.1.4

  • Added new notifications: StructureDestroyed and OrbitalAttacked
  • Added ZKB links to some of the notification messages
  • Added timestamp settings for EVE Chat Relay module
  • Added unified version file
  • Added Back buttons to all web pages
  • Reworked authentication to check for multiple discord roles per group
  • Reworked notifications module to allow better control over notification filters
  • Fixed auto-timers notification exception with empty notes

Breaking changes

  • Settings auth -> authGroups -> group1 -> memberRole renamed to memberRoles and now is a list of strings
  • notifications section replaced by notificationFeedModule section with updated settings

Release v1.1.5

  • Added new incursions notification module
  • Added new Discord command !tq
  • Added new notifications: CorpAppNewMsg and CharAppWithdrawMsg (thanks to lunedis)
  • Added new config property databaseFile to be able to specify database location
  • Updated all settings to use unified names and fetch procedures
  • Removed WebAuthModule dependency from NotificationFeedModule
  • Updated Docker script (thanks to lunedis)
  • Updated code to work with Abyss innovations

Breaking changes

  • Reliable kill feed module is unavailable at the moment. Disabled due to ZKill API issues. Use liveKillFeedModule.
  • auth config section renamed to WebAuthModule
  • WebAuthModule.authCheckIntervalMinutes is now a numeric value
  • discordUrl, ccpAppClientId, ccpAppSecret properties moved from WebAuthModule to webServerModule
  • jabber module parameter defchan and filters are now numeric values
  • liveKillFeed module renamed to liveKillFeedModule
  • fleetup module renamed to fleetupModule
  • jabber module renamed to jabberModule
  • Removed global losses param from liveKillFeedModule. Set high minimumLossValue value for the same effect.
  • Removed not used config.DiscordGeneralChannel param
  • Removed not used config.comRestrictToValidChannels param
  • Added new resource param imgIncursion

Though people don’t like to post on the forums much the ThunderED community slowly stacks up. All the recent suggestions has been implemented so you can give it a try if you want. Also if you think that bot lacks some important features or flexibility just let me know.


Are you hosting it? or would I need to mess with installation on my web server?

I’m not hosting it, sorry. It is a standalone solution for your own server.

Release v1.1.6

  • Added new defaultMention parameter for notifications filter
  • Added new fetchLastNotifDays parameter for notification group
  • Added new NullsecCampaign module
  • Added bot config tool for Windows
  • Added isCorporation property to timer module filters to make corporation ID input more convinient
  • Added static EVE systems data into the database
  • Improved bad config error messages
  • Improved TED Chat Relay error report
  • Fixed live kill feed exception
  • Fixed inability to add new timers after delete operation
  • Fixed mail module refresh logic

Breaking changes

  • TED_ChatRelay app: Renamed settings.json to relaysettings.json
  • TED_ChatRelay and ThunderED will now be supplied within single package as they share 99% of release libraries anyway.
  • TED_ConfigEditor is currently in BETA. Feel free to report any bugs.

Feature Highlight - Nullsec Campaign module

This new module in v1.1.6 allows you to feed notifications about the nullsec entosis campaigns that are going to occur in a claimed space. You can setup this module so the bot will notify you when the event is going to happen within the 15, 30 min or whatever time you choose!

The module will monitor entosis activities in the specified regions and/or constellations throughout the EVE universe. Want to make sure you won’t miss an important entosis timer? Have a try!

Make sure to report bugs and suggestions in our Discord:

More to Come - Planned features for v1.1.7

  • Factional Warfare information and LP advices
  • LP stock related commands and information