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An EVE Online Discord Bot (Continuation of Dramiel)

I made Dramiel which was one of the earlier EVE/Discord related things and then kinda stopped developing it. Firetail is the remake of that in a slightly less ■■■■ language (python).

To invite the public bot use this link then type !help for more info. To discuss and report issues.

Current Features (Do !help)

  • Corp/Alliance Lookups
  • Character Lookups (With a Intel Report generated via the bot to point out hotdroppers among other things)
  • Killmail posting (Do !addkills corp/allianceID)
  • Price Checks
  • EVE Time
  • Location lookups
  • Jump planner

Planned/Upcoming Features

  • EVE Notifications
  • EVE Mail

Possible Features

  • Fleetup Integration


Kill Reporting
Firetail - EVE Discord Bot for the latest style

Price Check

Character Lookup

Group Lookup


Public Bot Milestone

We broke 15 servers and 350 members yesterday with the public bot. Hope to get corp/char lookup added today!

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Public Bot Enhancement

You can now use the public bot to get killmails sent to your server. Type !help addkills for info.

Public Bot Enhancement

You can now do !group !corp and !alliance followed by the groups name to get some sweet info. Example !group dreddit

CCP threw a wrench at things when they changed ESI again, everything should be back in working order!

Broke 25 servers and counting yesterday for the public bot!

To Invite -

To add killmails - !help addkills

Don’t mind the uptime, the only time this thing is down is when it’s being updated

Also first post updated with some screenshots

Gotta say, finding it mighty useful like the previous Dramielbot.

Good to hear, python is turning out to (unsurprisingly) being a much better choice than PHP which dramiel was written in.

We’ve broken 30 servers and 900 concurrent users with the public bot!

Firetail public is now officially listed on Discord Bots. Be sure to head over and give it an upvote.

Just added it to my corp discord as well. Looks good.
Would be great if you could integrate with Fleet Up

That’s a planned feature!

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Close to 40 servers! If you have suggestions make sure to make a github issue or hop on the support server and talk to me directly.

Any ETA for that?

Once I determine that I’m out of features that work on the public bot I’ll start on the self install extensions (fleet-up, ingame mail, notifications, citadels, etc…)

No hard timeline on that tho.

Public Bot Enhancement

The public bot now supports reporting 5 different entities killmails on one server (was 1 before)

You can also now do ‘!addkills big’ to receive EVE Wide big kills (2b+) to a channel

Coming up on 50 servers! Also broke 10k members.


Firetail now provides a brief intel synopsis of pilots. It will report if it thinks they are cynos, blops’ers, probers, pve, pvp, titans, supers

Looking for more ideas on how to flesh this feature out a bit.

Jump route planning made easy


System/Constellation/Region Searches

And jump range