Eve-HR Beta Launch (** NOW WITH DISCORD BOT! + ESI Viewer **/ Ore Buyback / Corp Management / Corp Loyalty Points / Logistics / Fittings Checker / In Game Mail)


NEW ESI VIEWER !! (Work In Progress Still)

Eve-HR is slowly turning into a tool to help manage your corporation. I have also received a lot of requests for additional functionality and over time they will get added. I am doing this site in my spare time while trying to be a father of a 1 year old and working full time. So don’t expect rapid expansion of new features.

Current Features:
Discord Integration
Corp Fitting Assessments (See what members can fly what)
Logistics Order Forms
Custom Price Building Function (Design your own equation for what you want to pay for items based on Jita pricing)
Set Your Refine Percentages For Ores
Allows Members to Sell Anything To Your Corp
Mining Op Tool (Uses Mining Ledger to Manage Final Payouts of Ops) (Currently Bugged)
Corp Loyalty Points (As a member pays tax you can set the value of isk per point)
Corp Loyalty Point Store
Ore Values Per M3 Based On Your Custom Pricing (Refined Mineral Values)
Recruitment Pages

Current Requests Features:
Custom Recruitment Forms (Next)
Refining for Modules (TBD)
Taking Suggestions

and more…

A Few Notes:
When getting started, make sure you set up your pricing and your refine percentages. This can be done by Set Prices and Setup https://gyazo.com/a9514642eea9629c0ae805982d8e2827
If you want to use loyalty points, you need to enable to processes. First, you enable GetBountyPayments Task and you enable PointsTally Task. These will read your corp wallet 1 division for bounty Payments and then Tally Points based on what bounties have been paid as well as a tax on orders submitted via Eve-HR.
UpdateUsersCorp Task will remove players from your corps eve-hr list. (They would be removed on login if they are no longer in corp, this is more useful for when you kick someone and you want your list to update)
Permissions are given to Directors in your corporation. Only Members with Director Role can make changes to the settings of your corps eve-hr.

For Questions Or Comments Please Join https://discord.gg/hBezXsQ

Feel Free To Donate!





Will take a look when I get home and see about testing

Added a new feature “Bulletins” now you corp members will see your important messages right away!

Some minor fixes were done as well.

Added Logistics module.

Now your corp members can place logistics orders and your logistics team can view and accept the orders. Allows you to build custom pricing and select your market hub. You can even enter prices per jump, per m3 and more.

Please let me know if you experience any issues.

Also added many fixes.

This is really cool, how can I sign up?

Just login, if you want to add feedback or report bugs do so in Discord

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Bump for a wonderful tool.

Started using it about 1 month ago. Many features and Ascorbic is always willing to listen to new ideas (even the most crazy ones…) .Definitely recommend to give it a try

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Great tool, use it a lot for the logi and corp mining ops.

Great for the members to see what they are contributing and giving to corp and also they have a real time visualisation of what they are getting back.

Great ofr logi orders, pulls market vaules at time of ordering so people have an idea of what they want. They can see when the hauler picks it up.

it only gets better each update and Ascorbic listens to all feedback and is quick to reply to your ideas and suggestions and works with you.

If you are in Corp leadership this is an invaluable tool. Get using it!!

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Added Fit Tool which allows you to see who in your corp can fly the fit. This requires them to have logged into eve-hr.

Patch Notes (3/1/18)

  • Added Fit Tool. Allows you to see who can fly the fit in your corp.
  • Added way for users to update their skills via user management.
  • Added way for users to mark themself on vacation.
  • You can now see your Calendar events in Eve-HR at login.
  • You can now see Fleet Up Ops when you log into Eve-HR. This requires you to setup Fleet Up API.
  • Bulletins can now be reordered and start minimazed to headers.
  • Logicstics orders now change color if they are 24 and 48 hours overdue.
  • Logicstics count added to the top of the logistics screen.
  • Logicstics hauler can now update prices to match.
  • Logicstics orders now have a Transport Only flag that uses a m3 tier created by the directors.
  • Logicstics orders now have a Corp Only flag that allows directors to pay a tip assigned to that flag.
  • Logicstics orders can now be canceled by the orderer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with Logistics permissions not saving.
  • Last login to Eve-HR now works properly.
  • Copy to clipboard for logistics orders fixed for Firefox.
  • Logistics tax now takes decimals.
  • Known Issues

Any way to get a tool that will help with production payouts? My corp builds capital and super capitals, and corp members get a share of the profits for mining (ore donated to corp for this purpose), refining, hauling, and manufacturing slots.

It is something I can definitely look into. I might get more details from you after I complete my current projects.

I would be interested in this as well.


I am currently working on a “recruitment mod” more details to come. But after that, I can work on this.

Okay, so are you guys looking for a profit-sharing mod? I have some questions for you guys to answer.

  1. How do you want to calculate the percent share of profits? Do you want a share/buy-in option? Do you want it based on activity? More details around this would be helpful.

  2. Is this only based on corp sales, what is the scope of profits? Are all the sales being done via a corp wallet?

  3. How frequently do you do share payouts?

  4. Any other details that you can provide me with would be helpful.

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Just got power back from the storm, so no updates this weekend. But work continues on current projects. Things like Custom Colors for Calendar Events (Don’t know why but it was requested) and Logistics Fixes and changes. Also working on surprise update for my recruitment team. More to come.

After getting power back, lost it due to the snow storm that hit the east coast, I have started working on the Recruitment Mod for eve-hr. This mod is going to allow corps to create recruitment pages that they can link for potential members to view. At the bottom of the page, there will be a recruitment button. Once clicked this will provide ESI(API) access to the applicants character. Here is the issue I have been discussing with a few users. CCP is dumping the API system in May and ESI has no way to know what characters exist on the account. This has always been an issue for potential spies. One suggestion was to return to the old days of requiring a screen shot of your character login screen. This was what was done before the API system. Now you will know what the three characters are and require ESI access to those three characters in order to complete the application. This is the direction I am planning on going at the moment. If you have thoughts or suggestions please let me know. You can hop on discord to discuss it with me.

Progress over the last week includes continued work on Recruitment modification. Which will include duplicating information available via APIs.

He is a sneak peak at the progress.

I am excited to announce Eve-HRs latest feature. Now you can create your own recruitment page that you can link to prospective recruits. They can review your page, and click apply. This submits their information via ESI for you to review. Just like you did with the API function, you can look over their account, and decide whether or not you want to allow them into your corp. Here is an example of what your recruitment page can look like: http://eve-hr.com/leub

This is just the first step in this recruitment functionality. And over the next few weeks, I will be adding more functionality to it and improving quality of life issues for recruiters.


  1. Applicants can cancel their application doing so will prevent the recruiters from seeing your ESI information. Your application also times out after 1 week if you do not cancel.
  2. I have been asked about self-hosting. I am working toward this option, the issue is I don’t have installation documentation available. Currently, all eve-hr accounts are locked to their corporation and can not see any other corporations information. This is great for smaller corps, but larger alliances want more security and control. So, I am looking to make release packages available via Patreon. This is due to the additional work it takes for me to create the package and constantly update and support them. More info will come when I have the details. If you are interested in self-hosting please contact me. The more people who show interest, the more desire I will have to get it available.

I believe my corp was the first corp to officially use Eve-HR. Great features and wonderful developer in @Ascorbic. I recommend Eve-HR

I would love to host this tool on my own webserver - is it possible to have the source code?