Citadel attack bot. For 500mill isk

Does anyone have or know where I could get a discord bot that will send a message in discord when a citadel belonging to my Corp is being attacked. Reward for showing me where to find one is 500mill isk.

Dusk for iPhone (Last undate 2015)

EveMon (Windows App)

Others might post what webbased API’s are out there for checking.

/edit Just note the notification bot on Eveintel net shows this warning;

Due to a change to the authorization process (OAuth) being mandated by CCP, this site may fail to operate properly at any time after November 1, 2021. As a result, notifications and other features may not operate properly and once that occurs, will never operate properly again. It is recommended that you switch to Alliance Auth which is being actively maintained. This site will be decommissioned no later than November 30, 2021."


Pay da man

was hoping for a discord bot but yes this stuff does also work will send 500mill


still looking for a specific bot used with discord and will still pay 500mill isk for a discord bot.
(bot must send out a notification when a structure owned by my corp gets attacked)

ThunderBot does this I believe.

You can donate any payment to Eve uni for charity :slight_smile:

thanks for the bot link it has a roundabout way of doing what i wanted :slight_smile:

okay well thats the end of the convo thx for the help guys

Thanks for the 500m you didn’t have to send.

Hope it works out for you.o7

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You can send it to Aiko if you don’t need it. :upside_down_face:

We run one on discord so it is possible. It was developed for us so we get alerts when a structure is attacked and by whom.

You can ping me in game. I don’t need your 500mil.

Didn’t Princess receive the contract? I hadn’t logged in today.

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No idea, am not Aiko’s accountant nor consigliere. :slight_smile:

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