[TIE] The Iskian Empire is Recruiting Corps!

If you are the CEO of a corporation that is looking to join up with an alliance and be a part of its beginning steps towards greatness, then e-mail me in game.

At the time of posting, we have 140 members across 9 corporations. What we are looking for are corporations of small-medium size, preferably a minimum of 10 members, of any specialization, be it PVP, PVE or Industry. We are currently in the stages of recruiting, and are running weekly alliance ops that everyone is encouraged to join so your members have content while you are recruiting.

We currently have a no-structure rule in effect and to prevent wars while we recruit, so bare with us while we work through these beginning stages.

Again if you are interested and would like to know more, feel free to contact me in game through mail, my name is Ram’Kon!

Fly safe o7

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