[TIM3H] Death By Design - Veteran Pirate Group - Late EUTZ

Death By Design

Founded from core members of Did He Say Jump?

Back in the business of feeding spaceships to better players.

What do we offer?

  • Regular fleet fights, with general small-medium gang inbetween

  • Opportunities to bully Pred on TS

  • Non-braindead FC’s

  • Drone SRP/Recycling program (All our combat drones are rescues)

  • Ashur is pretty cool, and very cute

  • Regular tarkov sessions

What we require from you

  • Have a pulse

  • Don’t be the dude asking for a handout on every fleet (no poors)

  • Spies aren’t ideal but we’re open to anything really

  • Old members/people with vouches tend to do well

How to get in touch

Join our ingame chat: Death By Design.

Message either Predator Elite#8668 or Gian Bal#3871 on Discord.

Once in contact you can come fly with us for a bit to see if you’re a good match - If you have a vouch or are and old member this can usually be skipped

Videos 'n shiz

bump, confirm ashur is very cute!!!

Ashur smells

Bump, Pred is refusing to buy me a birthday present, please join and bully him into loving me

Hi, pred has bullied me into installing tarkov, i dont like this, please join and bully him into logging in less, it’s for my mental health x

Death by Design | Fight night - YouTube some recent fights btw


They put the bleak in my Bleak Lands experience this weekend, but with good humour at least! :smile:

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