Tiny Round Profile Picture :(

(Kathern Aurilen) #1

I think the picture of the Poster should larger.

The tiny picture doesn’t really give a since that there is really a person on the other end of the internet. I have been using the old forum for years and “I like to think:sadparrot:” that there is a small connection to the person that I’m responding to in a true conversation, not just drop whatever garbage comes out my mouth and walk out and never look back.

The small portrait doesn’t give no sense of the “community”. When responding to the old forum, the larger pic gave a small sense of talking to that person. Like looking a troll in the eye, knowing you had their number.

I use the forums almost everyday, I know see the poster’s pic and think that guy makes sense, or this guy is a jerk or a troll. You just come to know(in text only) and respect that Poster.

(Yourmoney Mywallet) #2



(Lulu Lunette) #3

Tiny portrait our only identity anymore.

(Cristl) #4

Make the portrait a bit larger, and under the name (so to the right of this portrait) allow a mini-bio.

(Anabella Rella) #5

With the removal of the CQ the forums are one of the only places where we can see our characters. Please let us SEE out characters in the forums at a decent size!

(Vec Lennelluc) #6

Agreed. I really don’t like the format of the new forums, I’m not really sure what was wrong with the old ones to be honest. The picture should be bigger, and this new format seems more like Twitter or something than a forum…not a big fan of Twitter since I’m not a twit.

(Mark O'Helm) #7


(78 Aster) #8

Temp fix added by user via script

(Ordrean McKarion) #9

Oh children of Eden. Tis not the size that matters but the weight of the word. For if your posts be grand in its content than you shalt be know far and wide. Oh Kathern Aurllen, yes our faces should be seen for all the minor detail we so painstakingly add to them is being rendered so insignificant by its lack of scale. One who’s face shows so much grace and beauty I would like to know better its features for my eyes squint hard to see it.

And for us all. The face is what gives others first impressions. Let us be able to express our selves to others!

(Quantum Science) #10

Agree 100% With so much space available from the flat background, let us have a larger portrait please!

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #11

This issue of tiny portraits was one of the (specific) problems with these new new forums brought up at least very shortly after they appeared. You’ll note it is still the same.

Sure it’s nice that users have coded their own workarounds, but really how much of the CCP-hoped-for users are going to install them? Make it part of the official formatting.

CCP, you’re not listening to your playerbase of your golden goose again. Avalon and whoever are doing ok, but allocate some more people to your forums asap. Quit taking away features. Add to.

(Quantum Science) #12

CCP should designate some moderators (kind of like ISD, but with more pull power) to do polling and make lists of necessary changes users request. CCP does a pretty good job at keeping the game mechanics balanced and updated to player preference however, things like the forum receive much less attention I would bet, because it is not a direct revenue source. It should be noted, the big spenders and active community members of eve (the players a game company needs to have) rely on the forums for their expression of concerns and really would appreciate some response from the higher-ups in terms of “no we cannot make that change because this reason… (only use this answer if it is honestly correct, not just if you don’t want to process the request)” or “we are considering making this change and will notify you on our decision making”. Just my 2 cents.