Remove character images from the ‘Users’ column, they serve no purpose and only waste space. All we need is a ‘DEV’ tag somewhere.

I don’t know. I rather like being able to see peoples’ avatars since it says something about the person.

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Sure, show them in the thread view (I’d argue that they’re too small there), but a 25x25 representation of a character in the category view says nothing useful about anyone.

Yours, even at this size, clearly shows that you have a fondness for breasts.

Thanks for contributing.


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Thanks for the feedback, the current layout provides us with the option of character portraits, but when a developer has recently partaken in the conversation they will appear in the list with an appropriate dev tag.

As a side note, (I understand this is about seeing names, or not seeing players partaking at all) there’s also a possibility to “stalk” developers as a group by going to our group activity feed :smiley: