Tiny UI QOL Improvement re: Active Skin Licenses

Skins are a pretty big deal now. I have quite a stockpile and was made aware there is no way to see if you have an active license in the Item Hangar. You must right click and activate the license individually, then see if you have that particular one activated or not through the pop-up window.

I photoshopped a proposed change to the skin icons showing a simple green light on the skin icon, showing the player has this skin activated at a glance.



As a completionist I support this idea

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Did you know you can see what skins you have on your character sheet?

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That is correct, however I think that what the problem presented is that skins we already own are not reflected on the skins we have waiting in the item hangar, regardless of the method we use to check for the skin (either activating it or going to the character sheet) it would be much better to be able to see with just a simple hint that we own the skin already, specially for Project Discovery enthusiasts or even those people that roam around gathering skins from NPC miners and other places.

With so many ships it can be hard to memorise all the skins we got, and one glance at the skin item would immediately tell us if we already own it or not if it reflected that change in the icon


Did you know that’s not what anyone asked? OP asked for a simple indicator on the skin, so we don’t have to go through the cumbersome steps of check skin, check character sheet, check skin, check character sheet, check skin, check character sheet…

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I like the idea! This probably would be better in the little things thread though.
It would also be useful if the skins we already have wouldn’t even give us the option to activate them.

Thanks Dior.

I didn’t know about that thread so have just posted it in there now.


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