Titan character, pref. SP focused Avatar (or possibly Rag)

I am looking for a Titan character, preferably an Avatar pilot or possibly a Ragnarok pilot. It should have all the essential skills at high(est) levels, preferably as close to perfectly skilled. A skill like Rapid Doomsday IV would be acceptable, for example. But if you lack
the important and combat ready skills and you know your Titan pilots you know what Im looking for. Skills/points outside of the Titan subset use is not of interest, and would not add anything to the price/value for me.

If you have one for sale please give an indication of your SP amount/skills and lets see if it fulfils my demands. Please indicate what you are expecting for it. Prices are negotiable and depending on your complete skill set.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/shooter_888 avatar pilot make offer

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Its lacking some important essentials such as JDC V, and has a lot of skill points that are irrelevant for a dedicated Titan character. What are you expecting to get? Because if I do not find anything else I might consider it, but that would incur a lot of costs to the fix skills.

For it to be remotely worth it, and thats assuming removing and reinjecting skills, buying books, etc the price would have to be lower than say 30b, if even that. Since you didnt reply with your expectations Im just setting the bar for whats anywhere near reasonable.

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