Titan Expert System?

At night when all should be quiet I am laying on my back on the floor of my hanger and then fold my pillow over my ears to try to block all the loud Station sounds I hear buzzing.
I had also noticed something else that is very soft but am positive it is really happening.

I am hearing what seems like some muffled voice inside the buzzing sound is what I think is someone talking. At first I had thought it was just my inner voice that I normally hear inside my head telling me not to go out ganking…

It is stronger in my right ear than my left and the buzzing is more like white noise so I think that is coming from vibrations in my eardrumb from being stuck inside my pod for so long and not undocking.
Like how I hear wind in my ear, it kind of sounds like extacting ice or ore. If when it pops my ear by swallowing it sort of goes away for a split moment.

This voice talking seems to be the same tone and perhaps it is just my thoughts yet different.

The sound is real the thoughts and message are not anything as I dont understand other than telling you here right now the actual words are asking;

When will we be seeing the Titan Expert System?

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Yes, I’ve put some subliminal messaging in there for you.

…And who are you exactly?

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I’m the government, and I’m here to help.


…then suddenly a “wild” Fedo appears. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


But you can buy a weekend plex package to fund a titan :smiley:


What the ■■■■.

We are funding EVE Vanguard with this idea! :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :fire: :fire: :fire: :100:


Vanguard should have it’s own store to supply equipment that can be inside Eve Online. Such as creating a branch for small arms & or armour.

That way weapon skins etc can find their way into the NES store.