Repetitive buzzing sound

I’m hearing a repetitive buzzing sound. It always comes on about a minute after I load into the game. Even after I log out to the character selection screen it’s still buzzing.

I tried turning down every audio channel in the game, but none of them help – only Master, but then I lose all sound.

Anyone know why this is happening? It’s super annoying.

I regularly have the same issue. Been this way for a long time. It was 1-3 years ago when it happened first time to me, don’t exactly know what patch introduced it, but it was a patch that changed some audio.

Quitting the game and restarting seems to fix it…

Hello Ashitala Rey Otsada !
First of all welcome to Eve-Online !

If this sound occurs, you have received a reward that you can collect.
In the upper left corner of your screen, just to the right of the Neocom, you will find an icon that will allow you to retrieve the reward.

Have fun and exciting adventures ISD Traindriver wishes you.

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Oops, seems I was thinking of a different buzzing sound then. :sweat_smile:

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