Titan lv4& Cruiser skillLv5+AU-79 implants +Skins Deadline: September 1

Doomsday Operation* Lv.5
Doomsday Rapid Firing* Lv4
Amarr Titan* Lv4
Jump Portal GenerationLv.4
Jump Drive Calibration

Amarr Tactical Destroyer* Lv5
Gallente Tactical Destroyer* Lv4
Gallente Cruiser* Lv5
Amarr Cruiser* Lv.5
Caldari Cruiser* Lv5
Logistics Cruisers* Lv5
Recon Ships* Lv 4

69,879,652 Skill point, including the above
Desired price 55B~70Bisk start Auction
Immediately determined price 70B
If there is more than one buyer, sell it to the highest person in it.

Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79*AU-79
Mid-grade Asklepian fullset

Machariel Angel’s Hex SKIN Abaddon Blood Raiders SKIN Abaddon Cold Iron SKIN
Abaddon Tash-Murkon SKIN Osprey Blue Tiger SKIN Apotheosis Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN
Capsule Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN Capsule YC119 Capsuleer Day SKIN Capsule Upwell SKIN
Gnosis Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN Gnosis Ironblood SKIN Praxis Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN
Sunesis Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN Redeemer Cold Iron SKIN Redeemer Cold Iron SKIN
Redeemer Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Revelation Cold Iron SKIN Revelation Purity of the Throne SKIN Revelation Sarum SKIN Pacifier DED ‘Master-at-Arms’ Recruiter SKIN Guardian EoM SKIN
Apostle Cold Iron SKIN Apostle Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Chimera Exoplanets Hunter SKIN
Cormorant Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Golem Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Devoter Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Jackdaw Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Paladin Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Purifier Exoplanets Hunter SKIN
Widow Exoplanets Hunter SKIN Federation Navy Comet Police SKIN Algos Glacial Drift SKIN Ibis Glacial Drift SKIN Punisher Tash-Murkon SKIN Punisher Kador SKIN
Merlin Nugoeihuvi SKIN Merlin Nugoeihuvi SKIN (180 Days) Tristan Quafe SKIN
Heron Sukuuvestaa SKIN Legion Sunburst SKINhttps://gyazo.com/15bb0878bc731f933d0f973eb780a01c

Please link skillboard

Well, how do I do that?

https://eveskillboard.com follow the instruction then add the link to your ad


Can offer 47b

Is it high at the price now?

Yes 96.9b isk is too much asking price for 69.8m sp character. My offer is the true value of the character if you extracted all skills, you are welcome to accept my offer or wait for some one to offer you higher price.

Sure, there’s a hole in this character’s skill, but I can’t let it go for that amount.

Changing my bid to 47.5b


You need to be in an NPC corp . And your implants or any SKINS can be reflected on the price of the character as well.


Thank you, it’s handwritten, but I wrote it.


Updated character information and deadline date.



The current price is 47Bisk, but are there any other people who would like to buy it?

Current bid 49B