WTS: 42.7m SP Leviathan/Wyvern/Hel Pilot

Looking at selling me


Caldari Titan

Raata Sunset Wyvern Skin
Tronhadar Ink Hel skin

Most capital skills to V (removed some skills when i sold my titan to re-focus into Supercarriers)
Titan skill already at IV

Is in NPC corp in highsec
Positive Wallet
No kill rights for or against
Good killboard
1 remap available
comes with various clones with +3 & +4 implants

I pay the transfer fee
Isk to this character prior to sale

I am open to offers, anything that is clearly a troll I will be happy for the free bump

Will keep this open for 7 days or until a good offer is accepted, Happy hunting.

33 billion

34 bil

if you look at the skills it can’t use capital weapons at all be careful about what you buy :slight_smile:

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34.5 bil

thanks for your comments Sarn, however you will notice I mentioned i removed the Missle skills and reinvested into the HEL as Meta’s change.

If you have the money to buy the toon and a super to go with it, I am sure you can invest a few billion into injecting the skills required to re-use the missles atleast all the skills are already injected.


I will start the value at $43b and open to buyouts.

This appraisal doesn’t include ship skins at a value of 2.5 billion (bonus)


Thanks for the lowball figures, if your after a toon just to extract skills and that represents your bids (no thanks) The toon is valued at over $45billion just on appraisal and that doesn’t take into consideration Skins and other assets.

I am only looking for bids and offers from people who are willing to use the toon and with a decent offer.

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At current injector prices the extract profit for a toon with 42.5 mil sp is 31.5 bil (remember you cant extract below 5mil sp… please do check the math yourself)

So as you see my offer is already well over extract value.

Now your toon has some wasted sp for its intended purpose as a supercarrier (Astrogeology V on a super?) meaning not all of the sp is worth a premium for beeing focused.
It’s also far from a perfect Hel/wyvern (navigation and drones only IV, thats a looot of sp still left to train… ,cyber 3 so you cant even use proper implants on it) which would warrant some premium

Just yesterday a super toon with more sp (45mil) and all fighters V sold for 38 bil so i honestly think i made a very decent offer.

I’d like to remind you that per bazaar rules its not allowed to sell “other assets” only skills, implants, SKINs, and reputation and i dont rly see any major value here besides a set of +4s and some skins (which usually dont factor into the price)

Im curious where you got that appraisal from, a very focused titan might be worth some premium on the sp but not even that high, also theres no gunnery skills left so that point is moot.

Im willing to raise my offer to 36 bil
to acknowledge the skill books injected since that seems to be your biggest issue here.

I would also like to assure you that the toon would be used for actual combat and not just extracted or used for ratting somewhere which i hope makes your decision easier.

thanks for the insight, but I don’t care about extracting/injecting skill point prices.

the Appraisal was from Eve Appraisal and does consider the 7.5 billion isk of skill books (but that’s not mentioned here on the sale topic)

It was a mainly focused Leviathan toon, which got respected into 2 racial carrier classes hence why the skill points are lacking in Missles and other areas.

I won’t let the character go for below $40 billion isk, just having a low profile, 2 racial classes of Supercarrier and a Titan ability is worth more than the skill injecting/extracting.

If skill injectors never came to market you would see my toon sell for alot more, but since they are I am being considerate of this fact and asking below what I feel the toon is worth.

Offers over $40 bil or im not interested thanks… I am happy to just let it sit there its not like i am in a hurry for isk.

40 bil b/o

Fionean, has the highest bid so far, will keep open for 48 hours to organise all transfer information.

isk and account name sent

thanks Fionean, Will do the Transfer in 48 hours as previously mentioned above…

character received. Thanks

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