WTS: Leviathan & Wyvern toon (Cancelled)

(Vulantrax) #1

Selling me http://eveboard.com/pilot/Vulantrax

Highly focused Carrier/Levi pilot or Phoenix with the skillbook

Toon comes with 1 remap
Wyvern Rata Sunset skin valued at 1 billion isk
Levi Titan level IV
Caldari Carrier V
All jump skills
Big shield tank
Fighters/bombers + t2 variants
Doomsday V
XL Torpedo Specialisation IV

This character will receive the isk
is in a NPC Corp in highsec
No kill rights
Positive Wallet

I will pay the transfer fee

Starting price 40b
Buyout make me an offer

Will run for 1 week from 28/07/17 if no suitable bid is made or buyout i will pull the toon and retrain myself.

Would prefer to sell to someone who wants a nearly maxed Wyvern/Levi pilot.

Titan skillbook already injected saving you 5B

(Maizie Fields) #2

32 bil

(Vulantrax) #3

thanks for the bid, but i can make nearly 37 billion on extracting the skills alone.

This also has a Wyvern skin + a 5billion isk skillbook injected not to mention all the other capital skills.

(Hank The Gank) #4

5b skill books can’t be used as leverage to make a sale.

(Vulantrax) #5

thanks i will take that into concideration but find it strange you can use SHIP skins as leverage without real proof but can’t use a skillbook that you can clearly see in my skilltree.

(jenna tec) #6

you can’t make no where near 50b after calculating the extractor cost

offering 35b

(Vulantrax) #7

if your looking for a toon just to extract the skills from and profit, this toon isn’t for you…

This toon is a focused Caldari Wyvern and Levi pilot thats its intentions and thats the buyer in seeking.

Not looking for those trying to make a quick bit of isk using extractors.

(jenna tec) #8

Oh i’m not looking to extract the toon i intend to use it but you are just delusional on the price. 40b is my last offer

(Vulantrax) #9

Thanks Jenna for the bid but 40 is starting… from this point 1 week auction.

I reserve the right not to sell the toon if no resonable bids are made or no agreement/buyout is met.

(Blue Awoxer) #10


(Vulantrax) #11

4 days left

Make an offer on this caldari Titan pilot before he goes into hibernation again

(Vulantrax) #12

only a few days left before I am off the market and back to training and hibernation

if your looking for a nearly maxed Wyvern/Levi pilot here is your chance.

make me a decent offer

(Vulantrax) #13

few more days, get it while its hot… there must be someone out there wanting a Titan toon

(Alternate One) #14

40B, best I can do for right now.

(Varacena) #15

No decent bids character off the market…