Titanium Resolve - High Risk, High Reward

With scarcity in full swing and the ore distribution making high security mining all but unbearably dull, we’ve taken the initiative to go where no carebear has gone before, systems below 0.5 security status! Shocking, I know, but with this giant leap comes great reward, rewards we would like to share with you, fellow industrialists of EvE Online.

What We Offer:

  • Member exclusive ore buyback program (also applies to salvage and other materials) of 95% Jita sell price
  • Access to T1 mining barges and frigates for low security mining operations
  • Active leadership with a corporation exclusive discord chat
  • Memes
  • No Wardecs - in case you really love high security

Where are we located: Derelik Region

What We Ask For:

  • USTZ based activity, this is to your benefit as that is when we’re most active
  • Be active on Discord, we understand RL comes first but we also like to make sure you’re not dead or sold off to slavery by some Amarrian fanatics

Have any questions about us? Maybe you don’t want to join but just sell us your ore, reach out to us ingame in the public channel F3RR-Pub or join our discord today!

Discord Link

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