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A Multi-Timezone PVP Corporation focused on Capital Escalations, and Sub Capital PVP. We offer some of the richest and safest space in EVE for all of your isk making needs. With Aridia and Fountain only being a few jumps away you have endless opportunities of BLOPs, PvP and Capital Ganks. Whether Solo / Small Gang / Coalition Fleets there is always content to be had in The Imperium.

We are a well organized and structured corporation that have multiple areas for you to contribute / find purpose in your gameplay if you so choose it. We offer extensive buyback programs whether its buying salvage, PI, Ore/Ice, loot, etc. If there is a way to make isk in the game we have a program for you to get involved in on day 1 of joining.

We offer extensive packages to our members that benefit strongly from being active and productive members that improve our quality of gameplay. Whether you build the ships for us to continuously use, or if you are running JFs all of these benefits apply to you once you’ve been accepted into CryNet.

                          CryNet PVP Benefits:

Corporation Ratting Carrier Ship Replacement Program. (Hull)
Coalition Doctrine SRP
Daily Capital Escalations.
Access To High End Capital Production.
Coalition PVP Access.
Blood Raider. Non ECM.
Member of The Imperium

                       _**_Crynet Requirements:_**_

Player Duties:

15 Million Skillpoints.
Capital Alts Preferred.
Participate on Fleets.
Maintain an Active Killboard.


Must Download Pidgin.
Must Download Mumble.
Must Download Teamspeak.
API / Interview Verification.

Currently Reside: Delve
Pub Chat: CryNet Recruitment

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