To Corp or not to Corp?

New player here for a couple weeks. Just recently upgraded to Omega because I wanted to play with the better Ore ships. I’m mostly a casual player who primarily does mining. I’ve done a little hauling and little salvaging but that’s about it.

My question is should I even bother joining a corp with how casual my game time is? I looked in to joining Goons but once I saw the job application of an app, I was out. I already work 2 jobs, don’t need a 3rd.

Are there any corps out there who are just casual “do whatever and if you want to contribute here’s the perks”?

I probably don’t even have 1 mil in skill points just yet, not interested in seeking out PVP (i’m sure it’ll find me at some point though and that’s fine, part of the game.) I’m just interested in the more relaxed, industrial side of the game.

I run a casual corp. And yes, joining a corp is important if you want content, and most importantly so you have teammates.

Hit me up in my discord, or you can message me in game.

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