To put a Planck generator in a Planck generator

After 22 years of research I was finally able to place to a Planck generator in a Planck generator. However it is currently only possible to do so during production stage of a Planck generator.

Below is a photo of the first container in a container:

We’ll keep you updated on the progress


Well if the universe collapses, we will know who to blame. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This beats the normal scientific research method of sticking alien artefacts in your brain.

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Impressive. I look forward to the station you are doing this in dissappearing into itself when your experimentation inevitably goes wrong.

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No boom?..

No boom …

Further proof that the End Times are upon us: even the Laws of Physics are breaking down.

If no boom today, boom tomorrow.
There is always boom!