Bosonic Field Generator and Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator?

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Recently I was going through the capital sized modules, to dream about those massive fights with Avatars clashing Erebus (during a mining session, adrenaline well spent !), and when I looked at the Doomsday category there was the Non-racial subcategory. Apparently the BFG (no no, not the Best Friend Generator, sadly) and the Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator (the… GTFO ?) are two weapons systems designed by the Society of Conscious Thought, but I don’t really understand what they are doing. The first one look like a bit of a jack-of-all-trades with 10 000 damage on each type, while I don’t really know what’s the second is about : it’s a wormhole generator ?

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The Bosonic Field Generator projects damage over a 30 degree cone aimed from the titan for 20 seconds. This is quite deadly to most subcapitals that happen to be passing through as the damage is colossal- a ship sitting inside the beam for the entire 20 seconds is looking at 1.5 million damage dealt IIRC. Similar AoE damage sources would be smartbombs, bombs and point defense batteries, but they all have different mechanics and nowhere near the same strength.

GTFO sends nearby subcapitals to a random spot in the same system and prevents them from warping for 30 seconds or so. Capitals affected do not get GTFO’d, but are still subject to the tackle timer. Micro Jump Field Generators and Micro Jump Drives do a similar thing, but at a much smaller scale and only to a spot 100 km away, without tackling. This is not as common as BFG but can be quite annoying to deal with from what I hear.

Basically, those doomsday weapons are aimed at dealing with fleets of smaller ships whereas other doomsdays are meant to target capital ships.

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While you seems to know a bit about Titans (or at least doomsdays), how are the pirates supercapitals ships ? Even as an opinion, it’s obvious not everyone can fly them.

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Vanity items. The next thing after titans for wealthy players and alliance leaders to… wave around. While they are obviously stronger than their regular counterparts, the 10-25x jump in cost is not really worth it over bringing 25 more titans in most situations. In a future where most people own titans (which is sadly not as improbable as it seems), and pirate faction Sotiyos are more easily farmable; they may have some practical application, but as it stands they are not much good for anything except for camping home regions and hyperdunking. Both of which can be done by regular titans just as well.

And occasionally getting baited.

One exception to this seems to be Revenant, the Sansha supercarrier, the BPCs of which are more easily procurable. But I can’t comment on its practical advantages over regular supercarriers and what makes it worth fielding, as I don’t have supercapital piloting experience.

Edit: The jump in cost may not be as high as what I said at the moment. Still, this is more or less the current situation.

Edit #2: Aand the second ever faction titan death happened today. Nice little coincidence.

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