Since Nullifiers, Can anything stop a Deep Space Transport now?

If I load up an Impel with 7 warp core stabilizers , and a nullifier, then am I basically just plain immune to getting scrammed?

I’ve heard in the past about Interdictors being able to use a script or something, to defeat your warp core stabilizers. So am thinking they probably still can.

Is that it? Can you now cruise freely through null, without a care in the world as long as you don’t see any interdictors lurking around?

And how would that situation be affected if I bring a cloak and WMD? Can I use that to slide past the Interdictors also?

Are there any limits?

No can do.

Limited to 1 per ship.

on the one hand, way to necro. on the other, pretty sure when they released nullifiers they nerfed wcs at the same time.

as for the actual topic, i find the armchair theorycrafters absolutely hilarious. i’d love you to try and get a DST through say ahbazon or vecamia these days. lulz. (standup fighters can orbit the gate and decloak you faster than snot. you do know the gunner can order an orbit without needing to target, right?)
And have you EVER tried to blow past a low sec gate camp with a non-blockade runner indy and NOT be bumped? seriously, bumping number one killer of haulers.

Ooooooo :upside_down_face:

Yep, you can only have one warp core stabilizer, so someone flying a Corvette could stop you cold.
Isn’t that wonderful?
I haven’t looked at what the civilian scram can do in a long time, so I don’t know how many it would take, but I bet if someone got clever and multboxed more than one Corvette they could stop you with civilian scrams.
The question I have though is how many of them would it take to stop you and then break your tank using nothing but civilian gear.

I never would have thought of a deep space transport as an appropriate ship for low/null. My thoughts have always been:
fast > blockade runner > jump freighter

But now I’m thinking OP might have a legit tactic. I’m a little confused by the use of a script, not sure if that’a just an exploit/cheat.

There’s a way that Heavy Interdiction Cruisers can use a script to turn their Bubble into a single target weapon that scrams at like 100 scram strength. (And it’s apparently pointless to do that now I guess.)

So I guess max warp core protection is 4 now?

I’m still thinking it gives Deep Space Transports unprecedented passage into Null, then. Before the change it was pretty frightening. If you saw a bubble ship by the gate, you had to just cloak and drift, and hope you could get far enough away before they managed to decloak you with debris or drones or whatever they were using.

Now you just hit your nullifier, then align, MicroWarp, cloak, and they probably won’t get you without an instalocker.

Still it only takes 3 scrams (or 2 if one is faction.)

You can only use 1 warp core stabilizer now, so that’s a maximum of +4 warp core strength.

You can probably freely cruise through lots of null, but eventually you might hit a competent gate camp.
The other day I was flying in my Blockade Runner and nearly got decloaked by one of those camps because their tackle was really good and came straight at me full speed when I swapped gate cloak for my covops cloak. I was lucky that I was flying a fit that could align in 3 seconds, because if I had taken 5 seconds to align he would have come within 2km, decloaked me and then they could tackle me.

As a DST with MWD cloak trick takes 10 seconds to warp off, I would have been dead if I was flying one. I’m pretty sure they had more than 4 warp core strength in disruption available.


So can you activate a nullifier after you are already in a bubble, or is it too late?

You can activate it and then try to warp out.

The module needs to be active the moment you initiate warp and will then provide immunity to bubbles during the entire warp.

u cant fit 7 warp core stabs. did you even log into the game before writing and making a fool of yourself here?

Honestly? I was looking at the ship tree and saw the change to Interceptors. I didn’t know about the other stuff like changes to cloaking and stabs. (There is probably more changes I don’t know about.)

You can play this game for weeks, and never come across a situation where you would use a stab, and consequently not notice.

Only way really is with smartbombs on the outgate or some very long, convoluted process that involves server tick manipulation. It’s pretty lame.

With the stab changes they are easier to catch. All you need is one interceptor who knows how to manually pilot

It does somehow seem unfair that you can only equip one stab, but the tackler can equip however many scrams as they have mid slots.

Equipping no warp core stabilizer means you’re not severely limited in combat.
Equipping a warp core scrambler means you can keep people from warping away.
Equipping a warp core stabilizer means you can ignore that single warp core scrambler.
Equipping a second warp core scrambler means you’re wasting a mid slot to specifically also hold people who happen to have a warp core stabilizer.

As I see it, both the people who want to run away and the people who want others to stop running away have each two valid options with up- and downsides.
Each of them can choose to take warp core stabilizers into account or not.

If there was no limit to the amount of warp core stabilizers, we wouldn’t really get more choices, you would just fill the entire low row for warp core stabilizers. And tackle would be forced to fill the entire mid row with warp core scramblers. Would that be more interesting gameplay? Not really, it’s just more of the same choices we can make now, except much more limiting in fitting options.

Previously my haulers were fit with full warp core stabilizers in the lows. I’m glad the warp core stabilizers are now twice as powerful yet limited to 1, so I can fit other modules as well like extra agility, tank and such.

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Or just bring a hic

Faction scramblers do 3 points, so you can’t even ignore that one. Unless you’re in a DST.

So even bringing the most specialized ship in the game for that purpose, it still only takes two mid slots.

Luckily warp core stabilizers aren’t the only thing you can do to not get caught, it’s just one of many tools and they work well against a single roaming hostile that isn’t prepared to hold down stabbed haulers.

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Are scrams/disruptors the only way to catch anyone?

… I guess they are now. Since anyone with a nullifier can bypass a bubble.