Boson Nerf

so guys, now when boson is nerfed to hell, last option to make decent isk are smartbombs - so people who spent a lot of time training supercapital ships should feel bad because you all need is couple of bs`ys on not well trained alts with smart to make best profit in eve now. CCP it is just… stupid.
how greedy can you get?
this tiny ships - kills those huge dicks - eve online 2020 next expansion name ?

I understand that you are frustrated. I don’t know what a boson is or how it has been nerfed. Just FYI, it is hard for most of us to relate to the woes of supercapital pilots.


Decent ISK? A carrier can generate 120-150M per hour easily. That is decent. A super carrier can easily get to 200M.

While I generally agree that CCP is stupid, this particular nerf is not stupid. Allowing AOE doomsdays to block entire areas of space is stupid. Cleaning entire grids of hostiles with just one AEO doomsday is stupid. People who need to compensate their lacking e-ego with huge dicks or supportwheeled buses are stupid. People who think that they need to make 300M an hour are stupid. People who complain about this nerf while living under the strongest super capital umbrella are stupid. So many stupid things and people, it’s hard to keep track. :slight_smile:

They already have those alts anyway because you were obliged to have Fax alts, cyno alts and more alts anyway if you owned a titan.

If it were for me, you would have been biomassed by now. And with you the thousands of other characters that have trained titans and supers. And these ships would have been deleted from EVE. In one fell stroke all issues are sorted out and EVE can be fun again. Your titan plight is crying wolf from an Elysium castle high above the ground of normality.


so why this hostiles fly cheap shits and complaining for not been competentive for years for now?
they can build capitals too, dreds are not very expensive, but they complain so ccp boost and boost cheap small ■■■■, so this people can be happy can feel powerfull without real investment.
and no. smarts are the best - it can earn far more then 200m per hour - you and people like you are new meta of eve, so eve will be cheap ■■■■ in next couple of years.

lets wait for new cheap ■■■■ from ccp - anti capital bombers.

CCP doesnt want the go to response for PvP to be grab a titan like it is now. Capital warfare in general sucks in terms of fun anyway.

Because your idea of “competitive” is utter bovine waste. Titans are not battleships that should exist in the thousands in EVE. They were introduced as unique and singular entities, as efforts orchestrated by entire alliances. Today, thanks to CCP’s continued folly and stupidity, they are nothing more than cheap big battleships that a single character can own a handful of or more. Titan hulls used to cost as much as 2-3 fully fitted titans these days. You complain about “cheap stuff”, but you yourself sit in utterly cheap garbage compared to titans of the old days. That is an issue, which CCP has not even talked about yet.

But do you know what they have done? They have just recently destroyed the only counter to titans and supers. They completely obliterated Boosh fleets, that could actually frighten titan and super pilots because they were very difficult to deal with. So, while CCP left titan and super cap umbrellas completely untouched, they removed the only counter that exists against them. No, more titans and supers is not a counter; it’s just making the problems worse. So much for “boost and boost small cheap stuff”. You should get down from your dumb titan throne and realize just how incompetent and not smart you are.

The meta should have never changed. But CCP listened to muppets like you and ruined EVE almost to the brink of shutdown in the last 7 years. They listened to the lunacies and idiocies of muppets like you who told them that “Bigger is better and more awesome”, while only the contrary is the case. Bigger in EVE only means more problems and less fun. A whole lot less fun. Bug guess what: CCP has again listened to muppets like you and are now introducing even more overpowered capitals with the Triglavian capitals. As if we didn’t have enough issues with capitals already, they keep introducing more and more of them. And the worst with that? They can be farmed in perfect safety in instanced PVE environments where you are save from interaction with other players.

You are the problem. People like you are the problem of EVE. Your way of thinking is the problem why EVE feels not fun, not engaging, not good anymore.


it is so american like - i dont like how you offend against me sir. I can say you are the core problem of eve too because you dont want to get bigger and better and want easy and cheap fun. CCP made game this way, so people play in capital way of thinking for years. Now ccp change rooles again and it feel like a fraud.

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You know where the door is. Oh wait, they removed that one as well. No matter, you know how to unsubscribe when you feel defrauded. Vote with your wallet. This push for titans brought us this:

and we turned away from this:


I mean I’m up for the change to maybe improve the stagnation which is null sec at the minute, u less part of a huge invading entity it does make it possible for small gang roaming around in big bloc space again, you stil have your titan drops and dread bombs, what you crying about?

You are killing rats in a ship designed as a special unique centerpiece to a fleet armada. Just be happy they haven’t gated all PvE content to prevent over escalation… like they should.


So . . . once you have a titan . . . why do you need more isk?

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Nerfs are the one true constant in Eve. CCP has the ship usage stats and I do not believe they will be content until all ships are used evenly. The drake got nerfed years ago and I sat out to protest. Eventually I come back around. Nerfs will be used going forward in attempt to make all ships equally flown if not across the field then at least by class.

It should be that all new ships that are produced will have the new nerfs, thereby placing value on the older ships, the pre-nerfed ships. The breach of realism (because lets face it Eve is more simulator than game) that is had when some omnipotent entity reaches into Providence and removes a high slot off (for instance) your ship WHILE you are undocked is mindboggling.

Still in all the years and years I have played Eve - off and on. CCP does not really look for advice on how to run its antfarm (the player council thing was almost totally powerless). Leastwise from the ants which inhabit it. They just shake the farm from time to time and watch us rebuild new tunnels and beat the system by flying the best min/maxed X we can come up with. The crowd flocks to X. They nerf X. Everyone repeats looking for a new best thing.

Rinse and repeat as the years toll on.

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So much for being a “sand box” game hey?!?

Being a sandbox and balancing content are not mutually exclusive. If the devs intended a ship for one purpose and, through clever usage, players found a way to use it in a manner they deem too powerful then they are well within their rights to scale it back. To be fair, they let it happen for a looooooong time before fixing it.


Nerfing things will never make it “better” or “fair”. We need resource depletion. Remove all anoms from the game, ore/ice from moons and planets only (yes, that means making PP just like reactions). Also have moon ore segregated like it used to be with each faction of space having one high end type.

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If everything in a station dropped when it is destroyed null would not be stagnant.

Stagnant is a symptom of a design flaw: Too Safe.

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These tears are exactly what we needed. Thanks for nerfing the boson, CCP.

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Delete Titans or nerf them into the ground

Or make them fleet support only and incapable of anything else (with some scope to increase fleet support capability)

Edit: while we are at it - change carriers back to how they were pre-fax introduction
Edit 2: and scrap HAW guns completely


Which is the source of much of the problem, here. They let a ■■■■■■■ meme like titan ratting become normalized and now we have to read dumb posts like this one.

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Some people seek to mask out their “shortcomings” …
… i mean …
… just look at how short “he” is.

He himself directly points at it, too:

The conclusion is obvious.