Capitals - after nerf

Dear CCP.

You decided to break capitals, especially supers and titans.

Right now, almost every alliance ban the use of supers for krabing, and I’m not surprised bcs CCP broke them.
If you want them to be useless or remove them from the game, well you finally did it.
Supers and titans have literally 50% of the previous tank without any new option to compensate it.
All you need is 2 man gang. 1 high dps and 1 falcon to turn off fighters and bang, super dead.
Look on zkill. Alot of supers dead by the few man gangs
It can be done by one person.
What’s worse those ships can be cheap.

If you want to remove capital, I have no problem with that.
But we can’t do anything with them now, bcs nobody wants to buy them.
I’m trying to sell them for 3 weeks and I can’t despite selling at under buy price.

So i want CCP to offer reimbursement to capital ships.
If you change ships so drastically over one patch without any warning.
Alot of players has been punished for nothing.

Either give us the isk we put into them or the minerals they cost.
I’m tired of getting such a massive nerf to my favorite ships.

For honest players, it took way too long to achieve it, and you break it over 1 patch.

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Data Laughing


Good. It’s obscene that these are used for ratting. THAT was what was broken about Supers and Titans


GOOD. Mission accomplished!
I didn’t bother reading the rest of it since it’s just a whining krab thread.


OP success.


Perhaps if you would read, then you would understand that i don’t care if they nerfed.

But you are as toxic as ever, in every post.
Your life must be miserable i guess, so yeah if that makes you feel better.




what excatly was broken?
Ishtars (300m isk, 4 months of train) make 60m/h
dominix (250m isk, similar time to ishtar) 60m/h
typhoon and rattle 100m/h (typhoon 250m/isk around 4months of train)
carrier 150m/h (2b isk, over year of training)
super 300m/h (20b sik, around year and half of training)

They are not broken, they are not even worth time and money comparing to subcaps.
But since you gain even larger isk many people were still risking using them.

Also carriers and supers were meant for anti subcapital ships so yes, it means they were meant for ratting as well.

Right now they should be reworked or removed from game, because they are just pointless.

The ships you listed no longer take months or years to skill into. You can start using them in less than an hour with skill injectors…

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Apologies but i’m living from month to month.
I don’t have your, or others people salary/parents.
I had to farm for everything IG, and by design it was like that.

Injectors are just nuisance.


I can’t disagree with you there. Skill injectors never should have been implemented in the first place.

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I agree with you.
They shouldn’t, and also skills should be unlockable thing instead of passive/ real-time training system which turn off most of newbies.
Over 90% of playerbase will not play a game where you need 2-3 years of real life waiting to get into the ship you want.

And despite me being able to fly every ship including titan, i would like to see skills progression reworked so my friends can join eve.
Right now everyone refuse because of skills

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That’s just because of the way the current “gotta have it now for no effort” generation of gamers are. Those of us who have been playing EVE for 10+ years are far more patient…

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Yes, but we need more players- i mean actual people, not chinese/russian bots
I would like those 40k to be actual people, not alts.

And sadly we won’t get real people if everyone need to wait years to fly something cool or pay thousand of $$.

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Well, maybe new players will get their wish 10 years from now when CCP is being ran by Zoomers.

Everyone else that has ever played EVE has had to wait years to skill into ships, so why can’t they?

Long story short, it’s a generational issue. The current generation of gamers are lazy and are used to having everything right this instant…

Look at current MMOS
They are no longer like old school lineage or lineage 2, wow classic or others.
16 years ago most of mmos required alot of effort to get maximum level.

But now, you achieve end game rather quickly, it’s just that this end game is scaling even further.

But eve is stuck in the past.

So from new player/young player perspective it’s outdated and boring product.

For in only a couple of hours and the low price of $28,000 usd, you too can have all the skills.

this is such bs, in a matter of months a new player can be good in any nymber of given areas that took me months to train into. only so many skills are used with any 1 ship fit.

me playing in a maxed skill fit for 15 years of training skills is just as good as a 6 month old that went straight for those same skills and maxed them.

if a ship and fit takes 5m sp to max it, it doesnt matter that i have 276m sp, my other 271m sp are useless in that fit that it run by those 5m sp of skills


Well then tell it to my friends,
and other people that doesn’t start game because skill barrier is toooooo big.

But reality remain, in 1v1 those skills will make enormous impact.
Also lots of newbies are complaining that they can’t even use doctrines bcs more and more doctrines use t2 ships like hacs and they do require sp. with those 5m you can barely fly interceptor assuming that newbie use the plan and read articles instead of spaning them over various ships…

Good, those people don’t belong in EVE.

EVE isn’t some WOW clone where you can skip all the way to end-game Capital ships ezpz. If they don’t have the patience for it, they don’t belong in EVE. Keep the garbage out!

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