Capital Ship Nerf Completed: Thanks Chaos

Now that Capital ships are all but useless again for any type of efficient power projections (to include regional defence). CAN WE PLEASE PLEASE remove Space Aids and the Nerf to jump distances? (Death to Phoebe)

If we have to move a F’n Recon around to move power projecting capitals at least give us back thier former Range so we at least have options.


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Type-o’s can be fixed and so can the complete rape of Capital ships. You would think that after the mass exedus of players from the game when Phoebe was implemented, that CCP would have learned that a large group of players like capital ships and like using them. I guess not. Welcome to the new reality of 16,000 players on during US prime time. (14k at the time of this edit)

I wonder how things are in the board room at CCP…just watching numbers drop faster than bombers bar on unsuspecting excavators.

Thank you for the heads up on the type-o.

If you can’t get a recon or BlOps safely to where you want to project power, do you really have power to project in the first place?

Sure, it’s a bit more expensive and a bit more risky, but that risk is only an issue for smaller groups or solo players using alts, and nobody would argue that they have much power to project.

EDIT: If CCP were really interested in nerfing power projection, they wouldn’t have limited regular cynos to the covert ship line. You can still use your CovOps frigate to call in the cavalry, there’s just an extra step requiring one more Omega account now.

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