"balance capitals" good job CCP on screwing up the balance even more

Dear CCP
I understand that you want every player to have at least 20 accounts.
Why the hell i wasted years of life and game time for skilling and training capitals.
Flying biggest toys around and not being able to kill a freaking no tank frigate is just a joke.
Sultonia was roaming around, so wanted to clear him out from system.
Got nice bubble on gate, fighters on gate as well.
Fighters engaged Sultonia Retrubution and guess what.
Almost no damage.
“balancing unsupported fighters” They are usless not balanced.
Retribution with no tank. 2x nanofiber, 2x heat sink and he killed my templar fighter and warped off.
So what do you suggest CCP should i bring 5 accounts to fight single frigate?
This is ridicolous.

I’ve already said goodbye to my alts bcs of crazy plex price.
But now i’m just tired.
Caps suck in this game.
This game have no sense of proportions.
Why to train, buy and use expensive capitals if they are worthless. The only thing they can is kill rats.
But you decided to nerf them even more…

I think it’s about time to sell every capital, and play as alpha with t1 ships. Cuz t2 suck and caps are worthless anyway.

I wont have to rat anymore cuz no plexing.
No need to farm money cuz i will get srp from ally.
Bye Bye Omega account.

Welcome t1 ■■■■


though tbvh i dont think you should be using a carrier to try and kill a frigate i do not think you should be doing 0 damage, you should be doing more damage to him than he does to your fighters; but they should be slower and not have ‘amazing range’.

it is amusing to hear this though lol

next time get gud, get an enyo and slingshot his ass into scram range :wink:


Capitals are the leading cause for dissatisfaction in EVE. Supers, titans and Rorqs in particular should just be deleted from EVE to create a better user experience again.

Besides, I do not know what you are even talking about. I am still ratting with my carrier and I have no issues at all in PVE nor PVP with them now. Fit 2 Heavy Neuts and show that Retribution what a DPS monster is like. Or justt light your cyno and get a Fax and a titan in to fend the attackers off.

Oh, and I just saw that a worthless Goonswarm member is complaining. Screw you and get lost. Unsub and leave EVE, you’d do everyone a big favor. Goonswarm complaining about capital uselessness when they have the biggest defense force available and drop titans and supers on everything like other people drop Glyphosat on their soy fields is just outrageous. You should feel ashamed of yourself even coming to the forums and complaining about this … but then again: You are in Goonswarm and that cost your life’s worth of shame you had available.


i dont really use my caps as i like solo and microgang, i have had fun with a nano nid and do personally like these things being ingame but i don’t believe the balance passes they will be making now really are any good; what they should do is limit cyno gen’s probably by mass and give it an option to overheat.

sure the guys that come through the cyno can have extras but then a cyno inhib could already be up.

Personally i think dreads and such are in a pretty good spot (before any recent changes)

its the cynosaural fields and incredibly limited counters (a cyno inhib?) that are the real issue imo.

Maybe you should stop being bad at eve online, you have 1 drone tracking module and you expect to hit an assualt frig (piloted by one of the best players in this game) which has sig reduction a mean tank and is fast with only 1 tracking module and you expect to kill him while your afk making tea are you crazy?

If that where true then eve online would become capital online which is super boring and would spell the death of eve online.

Frig/desi = best tracking
cruiser/bc = decent tracking
Bs = bad tracking
Capital = horible tracking

Desi counters frig
Cruiser counters desi but frig can kite it or get under its gun’s (unless RLML becuase its broken)
Bc counters cruiser and desi but a frig can kite it or get under its guns.
Bs counters BC but cruiser/desi/frig can get under its gun’s or kite it.
Capital counters BS and BC but cruiser/desi/frigate can get under its gun’s (supposed to be for good balance)

The last year or so fighters have been stupidly strong and counter every single ship in the game and goes against any type of balance and you don’t see this?

Fighter’s should have worse tracking than a Battle ship but atm they have the tracking of a cruiser, used to have the tracking of a desi before this last patch.

A well balanced game is one where every type of ship has a roll, if only 1 ship was best then what is the point of having other ship’s might aswell get everyone into the best ship and be done with it gg game over.


You have no tracking mods and you wonder why you don’t apply to a frigate that has one of the smallest signature radius’? For real? I mean, that is actually pretty obvious.


is that a pds?

Then please check how much excatly this tracking link with script gives… The bonus is percentage
Even if i would apply 3 tracking links, i would get around 40-50% bonus.
But still i would do nothing to him thats the problem.
I’s capital ship not frigate.
Every movie and every game with caps vs small ■■■■, is obvious.
You should never ever engage with small ■■■■ or u will be destroyed just by crashing capital shields. But here it’s ridicolous …
When i played elite dangerous, i could destroy small ships just by ramming them.
Here capital feels liike just pumped in the mere size only.
Does not feels like capital, have nothing special to offer.
I’ve killed lots of rorquals and carriers and capitals are so defensless against small ships it’s ridicolous.

Honestly i could solo any ratting carrier with malediction.
which means game is broken AF

but yeah, if u live in highsec or come from pathetic alliance and you scramble scraps for month to buy vni then i’m not suprised you complain for caps.
Still caps are endgame and with my 130m sp and wallet and ships, caps doesn’t feel like powerfull at all.

I’m sorry you don’t recognize difference between capital ship and frigate ship.
But eve is probably the only game where caps are soooo bad.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g54KvnPWdO8 1 min 30 seconds in, there is a small gang of 4 frigates that destroy that capital in 30 seconds.

I think you are right maybe capitals should be able to die to 4 frigates in 30 seconds to make it more real :smiley:

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While I agree with both of you light fighters should (as they are smaller than frigates) have excellent tracking against any size ship. I can understand capital guns and launchers having poor tracking against much smaller targets but not fighters as they are smaller, faster, and lighter but I don’t see a point in using them now. I honestly feel CCP I have made a very bad decision with this patch, and I’m obviously not alone, and this combined with the monumental amount of other bugs is just down right embarrassing.


Wait, isn’t that the droid control ship that Anakin shot up from the inside as it was being attacked from the outside? a little different from how we shoot stuff in eve…

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Ironically the fastest things on this planet are also by far the biggest ones. If we currently have the technology to move massive things really fast I am pretty sure this technology will only evolve in the future.

EVE is completely unrealistic. Even an Elephant can run as fast as the top speedster in the world. Because big things usually can pack far more power than smaller things. So there is no reason why a big gun cannot be faster in tracking than a smaller one.

Of course to be fair EVE never claimed to be realistic in the first place. Quite the contrary.

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Bigger guns have more inertia so they take longer to start turning and take longer to slow down and return again, hence why tracking is worse.


love it

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Damn, OP is one hell of a spodbrain, that’s like complaning your arty Maelstrom can’t track this interceptor orbiting you at 500.
Maybe you shouldn’t fly capitals if you don’t know what application is and how to improve it. Stop just copying fits other people give you and put some thought in the game.


yes !!

Have you tried bringing a frigate instead?


EVE is about using the correct tool for the job.

Don’t try to kill a fly with a cannon, you won’t hit it. Grab a fly swatter next time, or a magazine.


I still can’t figure out whether this is real. If it is, oh my god… OP is diagnosed with late stage spodbrain, as well as a lot of the guys replying. Jeez I had a good laugh.


Not even T2 fighters lol