You feedback about this event

Hello community i’m here for ask help.
First of all i’m sorry for my bad english i hope you can understand :).
Some days ago i lost my capital ship in an pvp duel vs 8 frigate t2 and 1 destroyer (precursor).
leaving out

[image] i thinking this game have several problem of ship balancing, i lost my ship also because my fighter stop to work for “fast pressure of f1 (bacis attack module)”. The log write me: You fighter are busy wait 30 sec for …
Without this “error” (i not know this mechanics until now) i had kill some ship and not have dps to kill me (the ally reinforcement can reach me in time etc etc).
Now i ask an reimbursement at CCP team and after several time answer me NO. No because for the team no one herror (server or bug) are appear while combat. I try to speak and do to understandI did not know this mechanics but nothing the answe has NO…
Now i lost my first and unique isk farming (i had an second account with a mining but mining can’t help me to pay 2 account with plex), and i start an embargo with ccp and i never pay more iith real money because for me the answer aren’t right.
For you ? what do you think ?

So wait is balance a problem or was there a bug?

It sounds like you decided to take on a gang in an unsupported capital. That will almost always end in a dead capital. That’s not a balance problem.

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Unless there is a clear cut bug, CCP will not reimburse your ship. They have a very tight ship reimbursement policy and just getting into a pvp fight without some help, you will lose your ship.

i’m not sure how new you are to this game, but to be flying a capital ship, you should know how most of the mechanics in this game works… Sounds like you just threw a bunch of money at CCP just so you could fly a big ship… a big ship doesn’t mean squat in this game. smaller ships or larger ships, are important all around in EVE.

learn to play the game, before trying to get another large ship… or if you think you have to fly a capital ship, then maybe EVE online isn’t for you.

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Escort ships are called that for a reason…

–Gadget’s are High Priced and Fabulous.

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I think the issue here is one of expectations. In many games, more expensive and more skill intensive items are better in all respects. In fact, in some games power doesn’t just scale linearly, but exponentially. And, after a lifetime of playing such games, they come to Eve and expect things to work similarly.

Fortunately for us, however, Eve doesn’t work that way. Well, fortunately for me. Turns out, some people actually want outcomes to be determined (or more heavily influenced) by ship cost. But I’m of the opinion that that would make for a terrible game. I don’t want to play a game where fights are determined by whoever spent the most time grinding, or spent the most real world money.

Anyway, let me break down how Eve actually works:

  • Player skill is the single biggest factor in determining outcomes.
  • Bigger is not necessarily better.
  • Capital ships aren’t I-win buttons. They have strengths AND weaknesses, and they can, will, and should die to smaller ships when the player(s) flying them are outplayed.

TLDR: Eve doesn’t have a balance problem. You died because you were outplayed. Suck it up, and learn from your mistakes.
No P2W


For me it don’t seems to be eligible for reimbursement.
Yes, there seems possible some issues happened but if it can’t be traced to a server error or bug then it can’t be reimbursed.

As for you not knowing, well, you accepted the ToS and EULA and thus informed that CCP is not responsible for problems in your side. Which includes lack of knowledge about what happens when your game lag.

Still, you are free to not pay and/or play the game if, now that you know better, you don’t like how the things are.

Man …

I don’t know how many times I read that : don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose.

I lost a 100m frigate to less than a million one … It was a freaking condor !! Alpha !
Is it unbalanced ? No I messed it up. I engaged something that was faster, kiter, and I did not have the range to even being allowed to hit him
I had to wait to die and this lasted for minutes

But I also killed battlecruisers in frigates on 1v1

You loose a carrier to a small fleet

Same kind of ■■■■ but at another balance

It’s the game and it’s good like this

I tried a sniping Alfa striker 1b T3 cruiser again a 2m destroyer alpha clone fitted against myself. The 2m destroyer can kill solo the 1b T3 cruiser if the conditions are met and it’s lucky enough not to be instapopped

Is it balancing problem again ?
No it s not
And we don’t want to change that

First of all thanks all for you time.
Now my focusing aren’t on balacing problem (for me have balacing problem but i’m a pvp noob then i can wrong and accept it). The main problem are the “busy system”.
If i start to press f1 (and on f1 i have an autocannon group ) quickly and continuos the module not going in break (no stop to fire no stop to restart cycle etc). If i do this on fighter the fighter system “block” the fighyer for 30 sec and you know 30 sec in pvp are a BIIIIIG TIME. i go focus on this for a refound of ship. Because i never read this on show info in fighter/carrier/tutorial or other in game. Never Eve ask : not continue pressure command in fighter because fighter going in block.I not know this, ccp not say this in main way (skillbook, show info module and ship) then i want understand for you if this problem can ben a validate way for reibursed the ship.
I not have the knowledge for understand if i kill 2° purifier i auto win or no but 30 sec without my main and unique weapon are a great handicap for an carrier, i’m sure you are right with me on this point. Only this.

For quit game yes i think quit but not for ragequit ( i lost many ship never ragequit) but for the support client. Not write me explanation of how work the fighter block, no explanation of why no reimbursed (also, repeat, never in game write of this fighter block) etc . Only answer was: NO you can’t, are a “standard” situation of fighter busy. Bye. I think arent a good managment of client.

No, it’s not a valid reason to reimburse.
Is not a bug or server error identified in CCP’s logs.

As for what exactly happened, since is not in CCP’s log they can’t know. And we have even lless info available to figure out.

ok but you agree with me, this “problem” or Mechanics need to be written in official way (on figheter, on carrier etc) because people need to know what happens if you do quickly pressure on command.

I agree that some mechanics are not properly explained

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By the time you’re flying a capital you’re expected to know the importance of learning the mechanics of a capital without any sort of tutorial. You should have asked your Corp to fill you in.

I know the mechanical of capital but this “fighter busy” are an random knowing mechanics because never appear in someweek of farming (and only 1 my corpmate have carrier and same not knowing this mechanics :\ )

No, I don’t agree. CCP don’t need to warn that you can lose your ship because things like power shortage, internet connection issue or your cat jumping in your keyboard at some critical moment. Those are things that are outside CCP’s control (specially the cat, clearly a natural disaster).

When you accepted the EULA and ToS you accepted that.

Also, as others pointed out, you are responsible to inform yourself about the risks and decide if you are willing to take it or not. Which makes your lack of previous knowledge about the game mechanics your fault. Granted this info is not easily available but available it is.

No aren’t anomaly (like powershortage etc) are a mechanics that ccp addin game. If you press quickly and continuos command of fighyer the fighter enter in block and no do nothing. no attack no mwd etc, no accept command. For me are ok but advice me can do it. When you do overloading module CCP write in mechanics can “destroy” the module and its puff offline. When you enter in abyss ccp say you can lose pod and after 20 minutes you lost all. Then need to advice the mechanics of fighter block. If not advice how i can know it? (i’m sure in EULA not write player need to inform in third part website of mechanics of game).
i hope you udnerstand what i want do ^^

It’s been a while since I was in a Carrier but I don’t remember any such mechanic however

X is busy messages appear in eve if you have a connection issues. Letting you know your client is already sending a request to the server but if had not yet been processed.

umh no the CCP custom service write me when ask of this fighter busy for X sec, that a standard mechanics of fighter. T hen ccp know but no was write in clarity this mechanics :\

This is the anomaly. One of you commands didn’t get processed correctly (it may be because connection latency or a drop in your computer performance). Continuing to issue commands added more to be processed marking things worse.

but appear only on fighter? because i play from some years and in normal module never see this message :\

Could appear on anything you issue commands. Fighters, modules, gate jumps, etc…

And there is nothing to do except to wait for the commands to be processed.