Boson Nerf

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All caps should be fleet support only. The big solo mobile is bad for EVE.


I agree 200 million per hour does not sound bad, but you have to consider that in order to achieve this you also have to put up to 21 billion on the line which you can lose by one mistake.
That’s 105 hours of ratting at 200 mils per hour (which would be a very good tick) to even break even on the initial investment sans skills.

I don’t get what people have against nerfs in games. Sure, it’s sad when the character/item/ship/module/whatever you use gets a nerf, but for a gaming company to do any form of balancing to a game without introducing powercreep, they cannot only give out buffs but also needs to nerf things that are too powerful. And in this case Bosons and Booshes are nerfed, I guess because both were considered too powerful. Haven’t been at the receiving end of either so I will not comment on my opinion on the nerf, just that nerfs are necessary for balance.

By the way, I also think resource depletion is a nice concept worth exploring. But that doesn’t exclude the need for buffs and nerfs.

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Depletion and Deflation?

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One of the consistent things IDed and extensively discussed at Eve Vegas by CCP was the tremendous wealth gap. Taking down the boson was a simple and eligant solution towards that end. It also making Titans a bit less dangerous to subcap fleets–another good thing.

I hope they continue on this trend–perhaps a readiness fee with a 3 day long spool up, keep them combat ready. Return them to a key strategic pvp asset that’s hard and cumbersome to maintain.


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A titan give you 100M more for double the price, though. And you are immobile for a time after the Boson.

This kind of nerf would not be necessary if CCP would follow a more reasonable approach instead of their childish and naive “Give them toys to have fun but when they have too much fun with them (ie. when they are addicted to the toys) take them away” and “Let’s do some OP crap to see how it goes and nerf when crap goes downhill or leave as is for ages because that crap is fun”.

AOE doomsdays were removed by CCP Old from EVE in the bast because they were too powerful and oppressive. What does CCP New do? Reintroduce them because they are fun.
Titans were originally intended by CCP Old to be unique, strong alliance efforts with heavy restrictions on how you could build them. What does CCP New do? Introduce unlimited building slots, introduce ridiculous strong ore mining ships that flood the market with ridiculously cheap and ridiculous amounts of minerals that enable the biggest farmers and multiboxers to churn out titans like other people churn out frigates.
The Rorqual was intended to be the best mining booster in the game by CCP Old, and barges and exhumers were supposed to do the mining. That’s why it had no mining capabilities and sat in POS. What does CCP New do? They argue that the boosting ship needs strong mining capabilities to reward them for boosting – while forgetting to limit the best mining booster to a very limited number on field, which led to them replacing barges and exhumers entirely.

Nerfs and changes are necessary to some extend. However, what CCP New does is literally throwing mud onto walls and see what slides down in the most spectacular patterns. These failures are the things that they then choose as things to introduce to TQ. But mud that doesn’t stick ruins EVE and CCP ignores that completely. This kind of nerfs are not necessary when you use a reasonable development approach instead of behaving like a lunatic in a bedlam.

lets say person A stars starts play eve earlier then person B.
CCP introduce new boson what is absolutly OP for makeing easy isk,
person A can use it and make tones of benefits, person B thinks,
ok now i invest my time and money and will folow person A in thinking.
then CCP nerf titans again and person B never have chance to catch person A.
It is versy simple example what ccp doing for very long time.
Lets say again they introduce powerfull rorquals and situation are the same.
Person A have tones of skills and make tones of benefits, person B need to
skill or buy skills on market but person B thinks ok i will make this investment,
then rorquals are nerfed. Person A made tones of benefits person B is
behind and dont have ever chance to play on the same level as person A.

changeing roles of the game when this game is on the table may be called balance,
but called it masking incopetence is better.
It is why most people dont like this because it is against fair play and gamers
want to have same chances in game thay play.

It is like complaining about the weather.

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i am not complaining. plex will be cheaper, speculants will lose tones of money and it is good. But game direction is very bad it will hit subcaps too - already have. I starts this topis and i am not even titan pilot and dont plan to be too, but many guys knows better.
sad times for eve rly.

They need to get rid of Capital ships altogether imo. In fact they also need to get rid of blops ships and anything that can jump further than one system.

Grab yer keys jump in yer little ships and go for a damn roam like the good ol days. :wink:

So if I understand you correctly, you think that because person A could easily kill person B with his [insert overpowered skill] your person B should be able to kill person C with it as well. And C should be able to kill person D once he catches up and the gaming company should never interfere and break this cycle to balance the skill, just because it would be unfair that the last person getting killed will never have the pleasure of using [insert overpowered skill] against the next victim?

I’m not saying that bosons were or were not overpowered, I haven’t been at either end of them. I’m just saying that your idea of ‘nerfs are bad’ is severely flawed.

Why post on this this? You are 1 of them kids who say ‘‘hey, dont forget about me. Read my posts’’. Sad you need that much attention.

Enlighten us. How much ISK are you talking about?

That writing style looks so familiar, but I can’t pinpoint it. I applaud you for staying true to your name. Maybe you should have added paragraphs after every full stop, though.

except that your explanation is wrong: eve is a paper scissor stone type game, where small ships can destroy a bigger one. Like X Wings against Deathstar etc.
Bosons could prevent this. They nerfed it, i find it good.
Imo, like BS are not good at shooting frigs, caps should hardly hit subcaps under bs, supers should be good at shooting caps, less good at shooting bs, and should not be able to shoot smaller subcaps. Titans should be good at shooting supers, less good for caps, and unable to shoot subcaps. Etc. Small ships would be able to kill big ones, but it would require large numbers. And caps/supers/titans should require subcap fleet as support.
So, your person B, with his friends, in 50M bombers, could kill the person A titan if they have numbers

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I don’t think I have read anything, on any forum, from any game I’ve ever played, that I agree with so vehemently.

And you posted this ONE MONTH after the last post in the topic. You’re an idiot.