Tobias Scram

Tobias’ Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler 15b

how much do you want for scrams?

price for the heavy cap booster?

I’ve been offered
4b hakims
5,5b gotans
12b tobias

tobias modified i can offer you 13.5b

go an extra 500 for a clean 14b and it’s yours!


reasonable offers considered (as shown !)

Understandly not everyone is after these, here they are for those few!
Dracs Neut
Tobias Scram
Gotans Web

1x Gotan’s Modified Stasis Webifier 15 Billion

wanna do 2.9 for

one of each cap booster and one multispec ECM?

If you wish to buy the Gostans web for 15b please mail me to confirm and i’ll put a contract

I want it I’m at work contract it to me please

bugger I’m sorry I havn’t had time to keep this updated

All ECM is sold & same with ALL but 1 cap booster

I have a single Tairei’s Cap Booster left, if interested make me an offer!

ill take the tairei for 400m if its still available!

Contract will be up in about 30mins in high-sec near Dodixie

sounds good thanks!

They’ve been selling quickly at 450mil

if you can go just 50mil more, its yours =)

sorry for the delay but contract is now up!

Contract up for 430mil @ Dodixie if you want it =)

ill take it for 400, already pretty expensive for the lowest meta level


I’m rather surprised how quickly most of it sold… I deleted older sales to make it a cleaner add.