WTS Tobias' Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler

As the title says WTS Tobias’ Modified Warp Scrambler

Feel free to make offers here or mail me offers

How much for both Nosferatu?

Mail sent

Edit 2 modules sold inventory has been updated

will u do 4b for the explosive membrane?

6b explo membrane

Edit: The contract was rejected and the cormack’s energized explosive membrane is still up for sale.

How much on the scram

Daily bump - modules still available

Bump, aquired another of the same mod, for same price. Sorry man!

Daily Bump inventory has been updated.

Can you mail me the prices on the 2 x Drac Nos pls.

How much for Selynne’s neut?

Mail Sent

@Tiddle_Jr Sorry the Seleynne’s Neut sold last night. Inventory updated

upping bid to 5b on explo membrane

Thanks for the offer, I am looking for closer to 6b ISK for the explosive Membrane.

wanna meet me halfway at 5.5?

Hello @Iedan,

Sorry for the delay in response. I would be willing to come down to 5.75 Billion ISK. If that works for you let me know and I will set up a contract as soon as I can.


sorry, firm on 5.5