Toggle Special Bracket Display is broken (persistence issue)

there is a setting when you press shift(maj) + alt + X that displays moon brackets in space, it is totally independant from overview settings, and it was confirmed to me that it was broken in a previous update. Broken in the way that in order to display them, you need to press shift+alt+x again every single time you log out and back in again. (it used to persist).

Usually, you would only do it once and the game would remember the setting. this is a really annoying issue since i have to press maj+alt+x every single time i log in and undock. Look at the linked picture to see what i’m talking about. Go to a planet surrounded by many moons, and press shift(maj) + alt + X. You will see the moon brackets appear and you can click and warp to them.

Thanks devs for looking into this and adding it on your long list of minor things to fix!

This feature is particularly important for PVP hunting so you can follow your target when they warp off to a moon. see what moon they warp to and follow them. it’s a bit silly that we need to press shift+alt+x every single time we log in…


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