Top ranking pilot returns*

*Top of the leaderboard for “Most skilled at pressing the F1 key”.


I’m sure you’ll be climbing over yourselves to hire me. Form an orderly queue.

Looking for a tight crew to fly with after returning from a 2 year break. EUTZ. PvP priority but with space to krab. Nullsec. 75 mil SP on my main.

Always up for PvP, especially small gang stuff, but I also love a good bit of large-scale alliance fleet F1 action.

Some time and a good place for carrier ratting would be good, to keep those iskies flowing.

I don’t get too much game time each day, so I need a casual corp without too many committments, but when online I will always join in the action.

Between my main toons I can fly most key subcaps. Both are also cap pilots (dreads, carriers, fax) and Thingy can fly supers and blops.

Spent my time mostly in null, with a little time in WH corps, almost entirely with the first corp I joined (Anoikis Outlaws) until they wound down.
Probably half of my Eve career was in The Initiative.

If you’re interested, drop me a mail in game.


het @Thingy_McDoodah

NPC null? Better than sov null and more people to shoot! no carrier ratting though…

Mainly EUTZ very small/med gang focussed pvp corp and god community. blops, roams, camps etc. we do it all and are an independant group so no “max form CTA” for a boring structre bash stuff

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Hey, I’m recruiting for The Envoys, a small tight-knit group of players focused on pvp in nullsec. I sent you an EVEmail if that sounds like your thing. Hoping to heart back!

Checkout Kybernauts Clade you might find a home with a good group of players forging a home in T-Space.

Hi there

Please make sure to check us out. We are an independent pvp group looking for pilots with the same attitude


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