Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Monthly Meetups

The Toronto EVE Online Gathering co-hosts are STILL holding player meet ups.
We meet to talk about EVE and other things that not related to EVE!
Come Meet your fellow EVE players from the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere!

New Players and Bitter Vets all welcome.

We ask that you guys remember the following:

  1. Everyone is blue regardless of one’s in-game affiliation(s).
  2. Everyone pays for their own drinks and food. (Remember to tip your Server)

NEXT MEET UP: Saturday, Feb 2nd 2019 @ 5:00 PM
Jack Astor’s, 133 John St, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2E4
(All meetups are posted on evemeet as well)

Be sure to follow our ingame Channel “Toronto EVE Online” and chat with your fellow players!

Facebook group -

Please feel free to ask questions and make comments in this thread…

Co-Hosts for the group:
Talus Veran, Methos Horseman, and Alphax45
(Some of us use advanced communications such as Twitter…and Facebook)

OOps! Sorry I missed it! Hopefully I will make the next one!

Hello Toronto area capsuleers.

I have helped organize the Edmonton EVE meets for the last 4 years. I moving to Guelph in the new year and would love to connect and share a few pints with some local EVE players.

Is there any activity continuing here? I don’t see much chatter in the FB group. Just looking to connect with locals that also play Eve as another interest to discuss.

I am also interested to know - I’ve met some great people in this group and would love to continue the meetings!

The next EVEMeet will be on February 3rd at 12:30 at Jack Astors (133 John street, Toronto)

Would love a link - too bad I missed today’s event :frowning:

The organizers and attendees are fairly active on the Toronto EVEMeet Discord, you can join here - for more up to date details. should also continue to have the most up to date meet info.

Bumping up - next meet in March 10th at 12:30PM! Hope to see you guys there!

Bumping for April 21st Meet (info above!)

Bump for May info

Bump for June info

When will the August meet be? Ribfest @ CNE? :wink: