Torpedo implants

Are these the best dps/flight boosts for torpedos? Do they apply to both cruise missile and torpedo? I’m not sure on the bombardment or projection one for slot 7, if it’s better to have the flight time or speed hmm i guessyou’d just math that one out. But I prob need a cap management slot for 7 anyway.

inherent implants ‘squire’ capcitor management em-805 slot 7
zainou ‘deadeye’ missile bombardment mb-705 OR missile projectino mp-705? slot 7
zainou ‘deadeye’ guided missile precision gp-805 slot 8
zainou ‘deadeye’ target navigation prediction tn-905lar slot 9
zainou ‘deadeye’ rapid launch rl-1005 x 1 slot 10

The flight time/speed depends on how close you are to a whole second of flight time. There is a torpedo implant for slot 6 that increases damage. And all of the implants that you have listed apply to all missiles.