Totally Into Spaceships [T1TTS] - Recruiting in Nullsec

Totally Into Spaceships was founded in 2016 as a team of EU, US and AU TZ players with a love of quiet nights in, cheap jokes and explosions. Our operations in some of the game’s leading alliances have resulted in an interesting and action-packed history spanning all corners of New Eden (excluding the Drone Regions, is that a good thing?). We are currently a member of The Initiative in Fountain/Querious.

We are looking to expand our numbers with mature and experienced players who prefer a more tight-knit community and relaxed atmosphere.

What can we offer YOU?

  • A clear and understanding leadership team who are willing and able to help you achieve your EVE goals

  • Plentiful PVP content via regular fleets and access to Special Interest Groups

  • Experienced and supportive comrades to fly friendships with

  • Citadels, Engineering Complexes and Refineries

What are WE looking for?

  • Sensible and mature people who are willing to take direction

  • Members must be Omega Status

  • Activity on Mumble and Discord (working headset required)

  • Full API/ESI for spai prevention

No skillpoint requirement but veteran players preferred

The alliance has Mumble and Discord set up already, so it is highly recommended that members are familiar with these and are committed to using them regularly.

If you’re interested, join ‘T1TTS Public’ in-game channel to find out more!

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We have ( . Y . )

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