Trading/industrial challenges and rewards?

CCP should develop a method of tracking economic pvp by company and alliance so that there can be a “killboard” so-to-speak for economic things?

Like a player/company’s/alliance’s industrial production can be posted? The cost of making it at the time of making it per Jita prices. And the sale value of the item when it sold?


Nope, massive data death.

They would have to keep track of each individual item and material to accurately calculate that plus since PI is involved but not tracked at the corp level the data would always be incomplete.


Isnt that called the market?

The market is practically anonymous and results are not tracked.

They already do this on the killboard. Every ship and its modules/rigs are tracked.

This just tracks the same info already collected and used as game data

You find out who sells what when you buy something.

But if you need an app to tell you that the owners of TTT are the shizzle, hey Im all for aiding learning.

Yes. Practically anonymous. You have to check all your sales and you only get a glimpse at who is doing what on the market currently.

And you have to participate to know.

The upside is you know what they are trading.

In the proposed idea you would know how well they are performing but not what they are actually selling or producing.

Please leave and take your idiotic idea with you.

Eh if I want something, I dont mind having to do stuff to get it.

No it’s not; what killboard tracks is the Kill Mails that is send whenever a ship, pod or structure is destroyed

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