Trading: Quality of Life Update

If it hasn’t already been discussed, I would like to propose a Quality of Life update to the current trading system. It seems to me that while trading I would like to resell some of my recent purchases as soon as they arrive (or as close to it as possible) . Usually, if the sell order has been there awhile, I will reset the price to something that will be quicker to sell. We all do this for the most part, or we stand to lose profit. With this in mind I find myself using up several sell slots for the same item. I would like to propose there be a simple way to combine items of the same type via >Right click >Combine. Those that don’t want to use this feature surely wouldn’t be put off by those of us that do, as it would be merely an option to keep sales tidy and slots open. I imagine that it would improve overall database usage, too. Here’s a screeny of what I am proposing:


Yeah this would be handy. And modifying the amount on buy orders rather than just price.

I’d rather see a “replace this order” option. It’d let you change a sell order in place and modify quantities and prices, asking you to pay the difference for changes that would increase taxes (no, you dont get refunds if you reduce prices or quantities).

Buy orders? That’s just isk being tied up that you can get back fairly easily. Especially if you’re using Margin Trading to reduce escrow.

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