Tranquility Exploration looking for new pilots

Hello all. O7 My name is Nicholas Kondur, recruiter for Tranquility Exploration. We’re a relatively new US TZ corporation focused on exploring all New Eden has to offer. We’re looking for new pilots to join us in this endeavor. Although we currently operate in the dangerous void of Wormhole Space, both new and old players are welcome. We’re led by experienced players, who would be happy to share with you the things they’ve learned over the years. So whether you just started the game and want someone to show you the ropes, or are a veteran who is tired of the same old song, feel free to send an in game mail to Mia Serenity, Eugene Farrence, or myself, or simply toss us a corp application.

Requirements: No skill requirements, although doing at least the tutorial missions and Career agent missions are recommended.

We use discord, which while not required, is heavily recommended to streamline communications.

A mature attitude is a must. Meaning your character “Nutmunch” or anything like that will likely be ignored and laughed at.

Also not required, but yes it is COMPLETELY acceptable to bring your drake.

Any further questions, feel free to comment or send an EveMail and I shall get back to you asap.

Fly safe out there.

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