Tranquility Transparency Int. - Transparent Online Gaming

Tranquility Transparency Int. is a new corporation that is working on creating a transparency index for EvE Online.

You can find out more about TTI in this forum thread: 3rd party services for EvE Online - #53 by MarquisAndras

Players with a background in computer science, economics or statistics and players who believe they can make a relevant contribution to a transparency index for EvE Online.

Contact: MarquisAndras

Of course, since TTI spends most of its time analyzing the game and the software client, players no longer have as much time to earn ISK in the game. That’s why a donation model is of course being planned for TTI to provide corp members with ISK as compensation for their time.

PvP roaming will take place, there has to be that much time. :wink:

TTI is of course also looking for players who have generally had negative experiences with the software client and who are available for interviews.

We are also looking for players who have many years of experience in EvE Online and who want to get involved in transparent online gaming.

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