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hey guys. hope someone can steer me in the right direction. i am new to eve only started a day ago. so i dont really have much of an idea of what is what. i got interested by watching torvald stream so abyssals seem nice. also I would like to experience nullsec eventually and work my way up to that level of gameplay. i was just peeking at the map like who holds which territories and so on. so i got the idea of maybe working towards joining “fraternity”. whomever they are. just seems logic. they hold the territory closest to jita. so would be easiest to shop :slight_smile: honestly i have nothing else to base this off :slight_smile: so thats that. hit me with an opinion please. oh and i was checking the financial report things on the launcher. and vale of the silent is rich. so i thought thats also a good indication that i could prosper there :slight_smile: right enough babble…

If you go for one of the big blocks you’ll just be a number. Figure out the best corp for what you want to do in game. If you find yourself away from jita, you can create a separate character just for trading at jita. And there’s services out there that can get your fees at jita low as possible

Happy to Help.:slightly_smiling_face:

well i got into eve by watching torvald. like a month long before even trying anything. so abyssals are fun. i really wanna go deeper into that. im only at tier 0 abyssals now. i understand there is quite good earning in it and its harder content so it should help speed up experience i think aswell. for now im just hanging around jita and watching the recruitment channels whats out there. not really keen on joining anyone yet.

tnx for the vids @Neo_Bladedrifter

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These guys are pretty amazing too, fun stuff.

Ruining other peoples games is also pretty fun.

any way i could find out more about these big corps aliances?

Hand around the recruitment center and talk to them, or just shoot a mail to their diplo/recruitment officer in game and join their public channels to chat.

awsome tnx. that video was epic. watched the whole thing. like 54 minutes :slight_smile:

Yup, Just remember this is just a game, not real life. If CCP went bankrupt tomorrow and you lost everything, you have to be able to just walk away and enjoy another game.

Gotta find what you enjoy, and get your moneys worth and times worth out of this game.

thats some good advice man. really do appreciate

Any time. come over to the you have any specific questions about the game though, thats where we usually answer stuff from new players and whatnot.

Shot you a mail. I think we would be a good spot for ya!

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